Race a GHOST (Previous best)

This would be great for time trialists and great motivation. :slight_smile: Great Feature if you can do it!


Make sure you vote up the all the existing requests for this so Zwift knows what the users want.

yeah, this has to be a feature that everybody wants, I don’t know how tough it is to code in, but this would be absolutely awesome

this would be my number one request, other than new routes and display averages


Actually no, i don’t think this feature is good. There are so many people on Zwift, race together. 

Andre, problem is none of those people on zwift are you, not your PR. Its great to ride with people on Zwift, but some days are specific training days that you just don’t want to go ride with a group. What do you say to all the people using the training or workout programs on zwift? its kinda the same thing. When you do those, its not with others. Ideally, you would be the only one seeing the Ghost, it would look to others as if you are doing a workout.

Any how, I don’t expect everyone to agree, so we are cool. Not trying to argue, just I would really like to see it added. Thanks for your reply.

Andre, you make no sense. Are you against people doing workouts? You are essentially saying everyone should only Zwift YOUR way.