Ghost Running partners


I have just started running in Zwift recently. I’m located in Australia and due to the World’s time clock it’s fairly sparse on most of the running tracks/routes. Most of the group runs are held at Northern Hemisphere times so they aren’t exactly a good time to run for me.

I’d just like to throw it out there but it’d be great to have more running partners to help encourage me to improve my efforts. If I could choose from a “my best time avatar” to a “just in front” avatar. I’m not sure but running by myself isn’t much fun at all (unless I’m focused on a training run).

Let me know what you think…

This is a wonderful idea! The zavatar would only be visible to it’s real counterpart. It need-not even be human.
I’d be happy with a floaty sign.
Or, Mr. T.

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I voted this up tho I only do the Zwift cycling. This is a great idea for all Zwift users though I do sympathise as I dont see many runners on Zwift to keep you company.

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Agree that everyone should be able to ‘ghost’. I wonder if they are working on set speed, set wattage, or pick a file (best case scenario and already being done in the virtual world.) Pick a file would be simple to apply to running.
However, Mayfield says it isn’t around the corner. So, maybe a december kind of goal or 2020? He didn’t make it sound like it is almost ready to show. :worried:

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Right. In the last ZwiftCast interview, he cited storage of ride files as one of the issues to consider. If someone wants a bot to mimic some past ride, Zwift has to have the file of that past ride.

Maybe the same consideration is behind the fact that we get only 30 days of PRs stored in Zwift – maybe after 30 days Zwift deletes those segment records.

Strava and others have solved storage issues, so we hope Zwift can too.

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Storage is cheap. I did some quick (very rough) numbers and without boring you with details, I assumed 100 courses needed storage, 1m active users, and used a 2hr ride fit file and came to around $700usd per month.

Zwift could simply store the fastest ride/run per course and use that as the benchmark. Maybe offer multiple version storage as premium so you could pick which date you want to race.

Playing back a ft file would be relatively simple given that data is ultimately what is used to show you other participants anyway (I’m sure its slightly harder than that, but not much).

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Zwift already store your .fit file I think the issue is more than just storage. The files need to be ranked and marked , like fastest for each lap of each route in every world. then also for every sprint and KOM.

Then do you really wan to chase your ghost that was riding in a race with a lot of drafting.

I have played with the ghost feature in and that use your strava segments.

I haven’t used the third party ghost feature. Could you point me to a how-to, or give us a description? (My Zwift account is connected with zwiftgps)

I use just because it has a lot more options, see the video below for some information on the ghost feature.

You will need a second second monitor.


I had previously posted a request for zombie runners that would help provide pacing. The user would enters the paces the zombie would run throughout the race. The user would adjust the speed of the treadmill inorder to follow. Currently I only use the stats component of Zwift (displayed on the Companion app). The race visuals are mild distraction.