past rides

(Michael Wepplo dutch diesel cycling) #1

how about a way of saving all your past rides and then be able to load up that ride and ride/race/compete with your past self.  the tacx software has that, it is a great training method


(Mishun H.Sugworth) #2

activities are already saved as .fit files but theoretically 1000 users during peak season could have 1000 pacing ghosts alongside cluttering up the road. i can see how it works in bkool, it’s far quieter, zwift im not so sure. maybe the workout module center display could be changed to show how far or behind target you are rather than adding a ghost directly to the road, similar to garmin’s virtual partner

(Michael Wepplo dutch diesel cycling) #3

I don’t think that many people would choose that option at any given time. But it could also be made do only you could see your own ghost


(Mishun H.Sugworth) #4

one tenth that figure would be noticable but as i’ve said elsewhere, maybe they could function similarly to the workout arches that only you get to see.

(Michael Tarantino) #5

This may be a simple question but, how do I see the data and stats from all my past Zwift rides?  I don’t see a link on the ride screens.  Thanks.


(Mishun H.Sugworth) #6

you can’t within zwift that’s what strava is for - or golden cheetah, or trainer road, or whatever platform you choose to upload the .fit files to :slight_smile:

you do have your zwift dashboard but the stats there are very limited

(Richard Bull (AHDR)) #7

Racing yourself from a past ride would be a great training tool. I think it would be very motivational because mentally you know that you have done the workout in the past, and you want to do a little better each time.

(Daz Man) #8

This is a fantastic idea - and I’d love to see this.

Reason being, that I started my training years ago on the older Tacx system, where your previous times (up to maximum of 5) would appear as avatars in the pc races (it barely had an online option then).

The big advantage was your annual training programme. You could not only see your own improvement as you hit the specialisation phase, but you could compare against previous year’s rides. A GREAT IDEA. Please do this guys :slight_smile:

(Russ Brandt) #9

This is a great idea. When I had a Computrainer I used to race my last week’s performance to the point that it got very very difficult to beat myself. It is super motivating to know you gave a ride against your avatar the best effort you had, then beat it the next week. I suggest that the avatar can only be seen by the user (like the start and finish banners for workouts)

(Daz Man) #10

Yes - that would be a great option. I love it - certainly when I did similar workouts vs the Tacx system in the past, it is, as you say, highly motivational for training.

It’s been a while since this was discussed, so don’t know if it’s a option yet.

Is there a way to ‘take this to the next level’ and determine if they could work on it?