Zwifters have requested PR Ghost for 3 years

Is this an option that will ever happen? The feature is on every racing game, it would be a great feature in Zwift. Please add if at all possible :) 

No word on this feature being in development, but as you said it has come up a lot and we are aware of it! If there are any updates we will let you know of course. :slight_smile:

i have suggested this many times my self.  not just a pr ghost, but any previous ride, the tacx trainer software has that option and i would use that all the time. 

no disrespect but i don’t think this is a feature that should be priority. With a decent timing comparison this could be covered within a day. Worlds are getting so stuffed, so something nobody wants are tons of ghost riders too. I know people say they should only be visible for themself but doesn’t Zwift have enough riders you can follow or train with?

Andre, no not really.

Even with 2,000 riders on the course, what are the chances of someone else with the same weight and power as me, at the same point in their training plan, and with the same amount of time to ride, being on the same route and starting at the same time as me?

Try it will show you a map and you can select a ghost to ride with.


how about user selectable information on the companion?

split times, average speed/power, with comparison with previous rides,

at present iphone companion just reproduces data on the main screen