Some requests...

(J O'Connor) #1

Basic user guide and key map.

FTP test for zPower.

Structured workouts - surely this is ripe for a partnership with someone like Trainerroad, why re-invent the wheel?

Cadence suggestion / zPower - for those without a smart trainer this would encourage riders to mimic gradients etc. For example a steep climb could be climbed in normal TT mode but having a cadence suggestion of say 65 and zPower of 350 you could only really get this by sticking it in the big ring, standing up and cranking. (My numbers are probably off here but you get the gist)

Personalised ghost AI based on your previous ride, best ride or a selected other ride such as a friend’s KOM etc. Marked with your flag and something like AI USERNAME AI. In workout mode make them undraftable.

In game chat - I assume it’s coming. Open and group.

Clearer demarcation of things like sprint points etc.

Overlay route map with position, start/finish etc.

Weather - not seen anything so apologies if it’s something I’ve missed. For structured training rides etc then the weather should be neutral however or the organised group rides, races and Gran Fondos etc then weather should play a part. Strong headwinds require greater teamwork, cold conditions on the descents mean sluggishness on the early parts of the climbs - first over the summit gets a windproof gilet!

Clearly defined challenges you know about in advance - complete a 100km ride and get new bike etc.

Power-Ups - not in organised events, ability to exclude Power-Up users from group rides. Conversely for Power-Up based games include power-ups which are more cartoony - red/green turtle shells etc I could see a lot of people doing a serious workout to FTP, no frills etc then rounding the session off with a quick Mario Kart type race game.

And that’s it for now!

(J O'Connor) #2

Oh, can we have Chromecast support as well please?

(Simon Oxenham [VC10]) #3

My thoughts exactly…