Feature requests

(Jeff L) #1

ideas for additional features… some new / some repeats

-usernames instead of real names
-user profiles that can be reviewed by others
-ride history, mileage totals, average watts at various intervals, etc
-rider classifications based on w/kg recorded during zwift rides
-bigger text on the rider list and sprint/KOM leader board.
-custom HUD display - user picks metrics like on a garmin
-lap times displayed on each lap
-lap power averages displayed on each lap
-better notice of sprint/KOM starting line
-workout mode with virtual rider to set pace based on watts
-island that “normalizes” riders FTP to make them equal in that world
-ability to “watch” riders without being on the island

  • similar but different, ability to watch other riders when paused
    -custom lap markers
    -pause screen shows “best” watt intervals (5s,30s, 1m, 10m, 20m,60m), lap times, other random statistics : time drafting, time being drafted, energy saved through drafting, TSS,
    -ability to “replay”/ “view” power output from sprint points compared to other rides
    -automatic data uploads from zwift to strava and others
    -webpage that provides all the analysis that golden cheetah provides
    -ability to upload non-zwift data to webpage

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the feedback! We’re working on implementing a bunch of these in between fixing bugs as they crop up (user profiles, workout mode, “fan view” mode) and some of these other suggestions are pretty cool. We’ll be sure to mark 'em down!


(Mattheus Willem) #3

Definitely agree with the username instead of real names suggestion.

(Darren Linkin (True 2.5)) #4

Lots of cool ideas! One potential game-changer is the FTP normalization. I’m sort of in the middle so can always find people faster and slower but for super fast or somewhat slow folks that would make it a lot more fun…also would be cool to be able to ride with my cat 1 buddies (I’m cat 4 in the US system) and both get good workouts!

(Ron Skinner) #5

I would like to see accumulated TSS on the live page as well as NP would be nice but not critical, these should also show up on my dashboard page, it would then be easier to see how your training and stress is accumulating. Clearly the game has some fairly real impact because when I enter it into training software the NP is higher than the average power. I use Golden Cheetah and I upload to that as my training software anyhow but on my dashboard being able to see trends would be nice but in the beta not that important, in the live program, absolutely!

(Rob Pelham) #6

How about the ability to live chat with people you are riding with ? (with mic / headphones!)