a few suggestions....... what does everyone think?

(M arkyMark NLV) #1
  1. Make it easier to jump on a ride to join another rider - would be nice to have the option to land 20 seconds in front to allow the wheels to start rolling.

  2. When just watching on a Laptop/PC, it would be good to input a riders name. I find myself having to look at the name board on the right for the person I want to watch which is very time consuming to locate when their are hundreds of riders on the course.

  3. If you want to discard a ride, or choose a different course why does zwift have to log you out each time? Why cant you stay logged in?

  4. Any chance the screen can show average watts?

(. TomH..) #2

Hi Mark,

All suggestions have been added on the request list. Number one 1 is a pretty big one :) 

Thank you and Ride On!