Possibility to visit the islands cyclists without cycling yourself at the moment, plus more.

(Rune Olofsson.100kg69y) #1

Yes, I know you can just [ESC] out of the connect screen and join and follow riders or groups. But there should be a more legitimate way to follow your favorit sport on Zwift.

A possibility to login just to follow a rider or a group. Or clicking around among logged in users. There are cyclists and nerdy cyclist. The nerdy ones are more committed. :slight_smile:

On the [Join] screen just don’t show user names but also watt/Kg (indication) or wattage and weight. ( I am 66 years and weights 103 Kg so to group-ride and not being to much disqualified on hills at 5 - 10% slope this is important ) Isn’t a lot of the earths population fat or old with slim teenagers inside, though with more money.

Possibility to see lap times and avg. wattage.

Is it possible to have information and choice windows moveable. Than it would be possible to send messages during stop etc.

Thank you for the work done up to now.

(Stewart G teamWBR) #2

Good points.