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Could you rank bike frames from stiffest, weight and aero versus just the star system please? Or does it not really matter like in the real world? Same with wheel-sets.

Also, I’d like to see all my Alp d’zwift rides in my profile grouped together so I can see past performances. If you could not limit results to last 30 days that would help. Maybe limit it to last 10 times on a particular route verus last 30 days because I move around and loose past data because it was more than 30 days that I was on a particular route.

Also, I ride with a friend in another city and he has alot of difficulty riding with me. He followed me, and me him, and sometimes it works and I see him on the screen, but more times than not, he clicks on my name and then nothing happens.

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Hi Zwift ,
For me I would really like some analytical data after my ride so I can look at stuff like Left /right balance if you have power pedals / Normalised power / VI / power curve against a signature curve that you have gained over time. Ultimately I don’t want to have to go to TP or TrainerRoad to have a calendar to show weekly TSS etc.

So a calendar and planner would be very welcome.

Improvement to the workout creator as it’s clunky.

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Like to have display AVG Watt , w/kg , km/h during the ride
For example:




Looking at the unfinished (or not yet enabled) road that circles around the rooftops of the KOM on NYC - I would suggest that you guys extend this circuitous loop to fly over Times Square (as it is already very close to doing so from what I can tell - e.g., Times Square is only 12 blocks to the SW from the current KOM location). This would provide a cool relative;ly flat, aerial ‘Crit’ loop high above the city for racing, as well as the interesting ability to accept real advertising $ on a monthly basis for placing an AD on the main Time Square Marquee! I would pay you to be shown there (as would many, many others)! Let me know your thoughts…

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Why not have a membership with the facility to have at least two accounts registered to it. Both my partner and I both have used the trial version but for us to progress we both have to buy a membership yet we never use the training bike together as we only have the one so it’s not possible.



Is it possible to have some shorter workouts. There are currently only a very few 30 min workouts. My wife would like to use zwift but she struggles for time. Any extra workouts between 20 and 40 min would be great.



Zwift Staff,
I would love for you to consider adding Suunto to your 3rd party partners. I know there are a lot of Suunto users that would like to upload their workouts to their MovesCount profile. Currently I have to manually enter my workout data. I hope this is on the list of considerations.
Zwifter from Atlanta, GA

I think it would be nice if we could share (from Zwift companion) to a Facebook page/profile/group the event we want to participate to.
Thank you,
Ride on,

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I would really like to be able to have a list of all routes I have completed, and/or routes I have not had the pleasure of. If I could track that, it would be a personal goal of riding every route in Zwift.
Thank you!


A feature I’d like to see is when on a group ride have the ride leader’s w/kg displayed constantly. If you’re off the front or back you can judge effort easier.


I would like notifications on my phone or iPad when a new workout is available in my training program. That way I don’t miss one or get backed up.

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Hi Zwift,
would it be possible to do your own version of Suunto’s movescount or
Garmin connect etc? It would be great not have to go to other sites to
view our data. Some of the data you collect doesn’t get moved over.
Heart rate time in zones doesn’t go to Garmin for some reason, nor
does TSS, recovery times, training effect etc.


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Hi there

I would like to see a long (100km?) and flat route for those endless endurance rides.
Countless loops are kinda boring after awhile :frowning:

And definitely I’d love it if it was in Watopia.



I would like to see Suunto App external connection support !

I would like it if there was a limit on the number of users shown on my screen, really I don’t need to see everyone. A scale in increments of 5 would be good as at bust times it’s not necessary to see 100 riders.

Agreed, and I would like to set it to zero. I only use Zwift in workout mode and have no interest in other riders.

Perhaps I should pay less as well as I do not use races, or any of the social features.


I use Zwift as a way to complete my training schedule during the winter months despite the bad weather. I ride group rides and after that ride I would like to continue riding to achieve my desired TSS number for that given day.

Is it possible to add a TSS counter with the time and KM counter to see how many training stress the ride gave me so far? At this point I need to gamble on my training stress but my compulsive nature regarding my schedule is not allowing me to have less TSS then needed. I know this might not appeal to everyone but it might be an option people can turn on in the settings?


Feature Request: Sometimes, I choose a route or workout, start that ride, but want to change before completing the orig. selection. Right now, the only way I know how to do that is to log out, log in and start the whole process over again. It would be great to be able to get out of a ride, then make another selection without logging off and starting over.


Hi zwift, two things is like to see added; firstly could we have %FPT added to the HUD in addition to wattage and zones by colour.

Secondly could we have some more TT bikes, given the growing number of triathletes on your platform.

Love the updates so far. Thanks

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