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(Vincent W.) #1

Have a feature you’d love to see? We want to hear about it!

(The Cannon) #2

Could you rank bike frames from stiffest, weight and aero versus just the star system please? Or does it not really matter like in the real world? Same with wheel-sets.

Also, I’d like to see all my Alp d’zwift rides in my profile grouped together so I can see past performances. If you could not limit results to last 30 days that would help. Maybe limit it to last 10 times on a particular route verus last 30 days because I move around and loose past data because it was more than 30 days that I was on a particular route.

Also, I ride with a friend in another city and he has alot of difficulty riding with me. He followed me, and me him, and sometimes it works and I see him on the screen, but more times than not, he clicks on my name and then nothing happens.

(JAMES McG Lovelo Cinelli RT (b)) #3

Hi Zwift ,
For me I would really like some analytical data after my ride so I can look at stuff like Left /right balance if you have power pedals / Normalised power / VI / power curve against a signature curve that you have gained over time. Ultimately I don’t want to have to go to TP or TrainerRoad to have a calendar to show weekly TSS etc.

So a calendar and planner would be very welcome.

Improvement to the workout creator as it’s clunky.

(Ingo Schoergenhummer [R2]) #4

Like to have display AVG Watt , w/kg , km/h during the ride
For example:


(Stan Yeatts) #5


Looking at the unfinished (or not yet enabled) road that circles around the rooftops of the KOM on NYC - I would suggest that you guys extend this circuitous loop to fly over Times Square (as it is already very close to doing so from what I can tell - e.g., Times Square is only 12 blocks to the SW from the current KOM location). This would provide a cool relative;ly flat, aerial ‘Crit’ loop high above the city for racing, as well as the interesting ability to accept real advertising $ on a monthly basis for placing an AD on the main Time Square Marquee! I would pay you to be shown there (as would many, many others)! Let me know your thoughts…

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