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(Ryan) #21

Looks like all featue requests around accessability have been archived. Would love to see basic accessibility for visually impaired users. Most apps are accessible with the Voceover program from apple, accept this one. Even if it was just simple text allowing blind users to log in, navigate menus, and view key data such as speed, distance, elevation, etc. Wahoo is an example of where this stuff is easily accessible.

(Andrew) #22

Could a simple weather settings option: sunny/mixed/raining, be created and/or applied for user preference? For those lacking real sunshine in their region it would be a nice option, as “nice weather” is a reason part of the user base is logging into Zwift! :slight_smile:

(Tom) #23

How about an automated link up between Events and Music via e.g. Spotify - matching music type/tempo around the ride profile?

(Kate) #24

Dreadlocks! Bring it on! :smiley:

(Hans-Peter) #25

Hello from Germany:
My new TAURUS treadmill (T9.9 Black Edition with BLE) does not pair with ZWIFT on a Galaxy S9plus. It is infinitely searching. Within the KINOMAP app I can successfully choose TAURUS directly or iCONSOLE alternatively by Bluetooth low energy. Will there be a chance to do so with ZWIFT?
Best regards: Hans-Peter