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Looks like all featue requests around accessability have been archived. Would love to see basic accessibility for visually impaired users. Most apps are accessible with the Voceover program from apple, accept this one. Even if it was just simple text allowing blind users to log in, navigate menus, and view key data such as speed, distance, elevation, etc. Wahoo is an example of where this stuff is easily accessible.


Could a simple weather settings option: sunny/mixed/raining, be created and/or applied for user preference? For those lacking real sunshine in their region it would be a nice option, as “nice weather” is a reason part of the user base is logging into Zwift! :slight_smile:

How about an automated link up between Events and Music via e.g. Spotify - matching music type/tempo around the ride profile?

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Dreadlocks! Bring it on! :smiley:

Hello from Germany:
My new TAURUS treadmill (T9.9 Black Edition with BLE) does not pair with ZWIFT on a Galaxy S9plus. It is infinitely searching. Within the KINOMAP app I can successfully choose TAURUS directly or iCONSOLE alternatively by Bluetooth low energy. Will there be a chance to do so with ZWIFT?
Best regards: Hans-Peter


I would like to see more ride options for distance, time and elevation. At this moment there are only 9 ride options on my app none of which meet what I would like to do today. For example, the ability to do a 40 minute ride with elevation of 900ft. And perhaps a filter option (by distance, time or elevation) to choose the ride you want at that time.


A while back suggested that Zwift enable a user to upload a Zwift workout without exiting the game. Why don’t Zwift concentrate on getting the basics like this right before doing silly things like having a ‘store’. My feeling is Zwift is becoming more of a game than a serious cycling tool.

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It would be spectacular to have FUJI and KESTREL bikes on the game. Mainly those are the bikes that I ride and I know many other people do too. I normally ride my FUJI Transonic road bike and FUJI Norcom Straight Tri bike when I go out for rides or train indoors on Zwift. It all depends on the race I’m training for. I would love to recreate my current bikes on the game and maybe add the wheels I would always dream of having(Zipp wheels). Is this an idea for the near future? I hope this idea gets considered.

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When viewing comments on screen while racing it gets annoying when 2 people write something and one comment covers over what the other person wrote. Is the a way to not overlap comments


More filters within the ‘Zwift Events’. Routes for example.


@GoZwift I’m loving the Zwift races and I really enjoyed the Tour de Zwift in January. Are there any plans to combine the two and have a stage race with all times producing a GC at the end? Would be great if you could :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Why don’t we add the Kona Ironman course?!?!?

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Just 2 ideas …
First : I like a “saison” pack texture … It’s disturbing in winter to ride in the summer vegetation in, Innsbruck ( normaly, that’s white in winter :wink: ) … may be already just for trees, vegetation transitions winter, spring, autumn and summer … The season are available in the flight simulator, why not on zwift ???
Second : in the ranking grid of zwifers in the race, a different background color ( or police color ) for men and women !!!


Oh hey Zwift,

3 suggestions:

1.) Would it be possible to add into the Companion App, the ability to compare your ride with a friends ride, to allow for us to compete against one another in our own ways, and compare the segments within the Worlds, if they ride a like segment.

2.) Would it be possible to add in the ability to create competitions between friends? For example, who can ride the most miles, or time, or sustain the highest wattage output over a period of time, with the ability to set it for a range of time, 1 week, 2 weeks, etc. I think this would allow friends who have very different schedules to stay competitive and help motivate each other to continue riding! (Which should only increase memberships, by keeping people interested)

3.) Would it be possible to add in the ability to Watch a Friends ride, instead of always picking a random person to watch, when clicking the Just Watch option within the Zwift App?


Jerseys in Drops Shop
When time constraints keep me from completing an effort to unlock a jersey (e.g., Specialized MixTape), I’d be glad to unlock it with sweat equity in the Drops Shop.

This would also be good, since I don’t race, and don’t really need anything in the Drops Shop.

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Great idea.

Same here.
1 Bike
1 Kickr
1 Account
1 Family

2 Riders. (2nd rider gets a 25% discount :nerd_face:)


I allow myself to submit the following improvement on a free session.

Would it be possible to predict when one on a free session to have the average power displayed since the beginning of the session ?

Also, it would be possible to predict during the session to be able to activate an intermediate stopwatch and have the average power in real time of this stopwatch. As it is also displayed during the FTP test.

I think this information could be useful when you have not planned to do a particular exercise but when you feel good about the session, you can have an exercise to interrupt your session.

As it happens we do it on the road.

thanks in advance

I would like to see the spurious characters created by the RETURN and TAB keys in the password and username fields be checked for and discarded as necessary. This would alleviate a lot of time wasted in trying to figure out why one cannot login. This occurred on both my iPhone and iPad and was definitely a time-burner and stress generator. I’ve already got enough of that. That’s why I like to ride on Zwift and when I can’t login to a race, workout, etc. it makes it that much worse. Ouch!

It would be cool to see motorcycles, support vehicles, “team” cars on the road circuit during races and events like the Tour of Watopia

Thanks. Loving Zwift. What I would like is a little up / down arrow on RPM and Speed to show how current is vs average for the ride. I like to ride at constant speed / RPM. The same could also be on W/KG. Be really cool to have this without a change to the whole UI - happy to be a beta customer on Apple TV :wink: