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Hello. More Classic Bikes Please. Peugeot, Cinelli, de Rosa, Moser, Cipollini. Bianchi. Some Belgum TT Bike, maybe a Holland Bike :grin: for Alpe.
I also miss the Zipp 303?
Ride in :+1:

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How about a filter on events so you can see all the upcoming events that you have joined. Would make it easier for planning

Please add Zwift to the Amazon Fire app store. Most android applications will work, they just have to be submitted and then your user base can expand and the app will be available within the Amazon echo system. I would like to use my Amazon Fire tablet while I ride my stationary bike. Details here:

I’d like to see a feature introduced where riders are placed into rankings A,D,C or D for events / races by their Watts output to stop people entering as say C but are in fact B grade. This will make the it a much more even playing field.

I’m still hoping you create a handcyclist avatar for the adapted community.

I think it would benefit the racing community for people’s weight/height ratio percentile to be displayed next to their name. I’m just tired of doing the math post race to find that the person I was chasing up a hill is claiming a weight of 99 lbs @ 5’9". Seems a lot of anorexic supermodels are avid Zwifters.

The percentile is key, because it gives an indication of the likelihood someone is “weight doping.” Assuming that the population of cyclists exhibits a normal distribution of weight/height ratios (we’re probably on the low end of the population at large, but the subset of all cyclists should be normal), measuring that ratio for a representative sample of cyclists will allow Zwift to generate the distribution, and assign where people fall within it. So if someone is showing that they’re in the 0.01th weight/height percentile and is crushing the climb, we know they’re not worth chasing - in all likelihood, they won’t be on ZwiftPower (and hence legit).

When on a TT section and it shows your PB it would be great to have it tell you what av Watts you need to ride at to beat it.

Hi , Zwift Staff

I am proud to be a member of zwift Community,

I would like to see my country Saudi Arabia Flag please.

thanks guys

I would like to be able to change the route selected in game without having to exit game and reselect it. Not the world, I realise that would be hard but just have the route selection menu available in the menu screen.

Is there a way to reduce the size, or reposition bio info screen in the top center? It cuts into the beautiful background which is what I would rather see while riding. It gets really annoying!