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Hello. More Classic Bikes Please. Peugeot, Cinelli, de Rosa, Moser, Cipollini. Bianchi. Some Belgum TT Bike, maybe a Holland Bike :grin: for Alpe.
I also miss the Zipp 303?
Ride in :+1:

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How about a filter on events so you can see all the upcoming events that you have joined. Would make it easier for planning

Please add Zwift to the Amazon Fire app store. Most android applications will work, they just have to be submitted and then your user base can expand and the app will be available within the Amazon echo system. I would like to use my Amazon Fire tablet while I ride my stationary bike. Details here:

I’d like to see a feature introduced where riders are placed into rankings A,D,C or D for events / races by their Watts output to stop people entering as say C but are in fact B grade. This will make the it a much more even playing field.

I’m still hoping you create a handcyclist avatar for the adapted community.

I think it would benefit the racing community for people’s weight/height ratio percentile to be displayed next to their name. I’m just tired of doing the math post race to find that the person I was chasing up a hill is claiming a weight of 99 lbs @ 5’9". Seems a lot of anorexic supermodels are avid Zwifters.

The percentile is key, because it gives an indication of the likelihood someone is “weight doping.” Assuming that the population of cyclists exhibits a normal distribution of weight/height ratios (we’re probably on the low end of the population at large, but the subset of all cyclists should be normal), measuring that ratio for a representative sample of cyclists will allow Zwift to generate the distribution, and assign where people fall within it. So if someone is showing that they’re in the 0.01th weight/height percentile and is crushing the climb, we know they’re not worth chasing - in all likelihood, they won’t be on ZwiftPower (and hence legit).

When on a TT section and it shows your PB it would be great to have it tell you what av Watts you need to ride at to beat it.

Hi , Zwift Staff

I am proud to be a member of zwift Community,

I would like to see my country Saudi Arabia Flag please.

thanks guys

I would like to be able to change the route selected in game without having to exit game and reselect it. Not the world, I realise that would be hard but just have the route selection menu available in the menu screen.


Is there a way to reduce the size, or reposition bio info screen in the top center? It cuts into the beautiful background which is what I would rather see while riding. It gets really annoying!

  1. can we please have ‘Elevation’ as a goal choice as in metres per week?
  2. would you please make the elevation profile more prominant/readable its often lost/ hard to distinguish at the bottom of the map window. You have recently added power output and heart rate graphs to the foot of the display and these are EXCELLENT. I think that you could capitalise further on this as follows:
    Currently these two graphs progress from left to right, until they reach the right hand side and then start to feed/walk to the left. My suggestion would be to limit the graphs to somewhere between a third and halfway across the screen, and put the course elevation profile as the backdrop to them and make that full width. This should work because power and heart rate will logically follow the elevation profile. And with the graphs stopping part way across the user will clearly see the elevation profile ahead of them. Keep it clean and if you must show other riders then limit it to just the one ahead and the the first chaser behind.

Best Regards
Paul Churchill

Sorry I don’t have English. It would be nice to see the most realistic speed and power data and not be calculated based on the weight you have. Also because in reality I do averages ranging from 30-40 km / h while on average zwift that do not exceed 20kmh

Virtual self. It can show your record speed during the track that you are doing. That way you can challange your best efforts visually

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Hi. Im darwan from surabaya, ndonesia.
today is a great day to tryout steering enable om watopia, love to think how brilliant that zwift team came out with mobile phone acccelerometer solution, great job guys. after trying this new steering feature, i have suggestion and request for future update.
stering mode on zwift will available in 3 modes:

  1. normal mode: (automatic steering mode) just like we used to… the avatar run on track which steer determine by system, and the avatar can goea through other avatar body like ghost.
  2. mode manual steer with steer assist: just like veloton platform, we can changing lane by turning the steer left or right and there will be direction assist. if the steer steady at the centre of the bike, then the avatar keep on the current lane despite the road course is turning or straight (automatic steering). the MANUAL STEER ON THIS MODE IS JUST FOR CHANGING LANE PURPOSE.
    . the bike cannot bump to outside of the road that will cause a time penalty just like your current steer feature. and the avatar on this mode CANNOT goes through other avatar body. it will bump it we are not avoiding other avatar by turning /changing lane
  3. mode full manual steering:
    just the same with zwift new feature today on october 2nd, 2019. we can steer freely, and bump to outside of the road which cause time delay on the course. but despite the avatar can goes through other avatar like ghost, i suggest in manual steer or in all steer capable mode, the avatar CANNOT goes through other avatar body. it can bump too that cause time delay if we not steer to avoid the other avatar front or on the side us.

these are my thougt for fure zwift update, maybe you would consider it, but Yes, Zwift is getting more FUN.


Can you make it easier to search the users currently using zwift live. Trying to find friends on there takes ages scrolling through them all

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With the 18th anniversary of 9/11 just passed, I was thinking how cool it would be to be able to see the memorial lights that shine into the night sky in memory of the WTC towers on the New York course? Perhaps for the 20th anniversary? Or, if the execution is relatively easy, perhaps every year? See the link below:

I have a favorite outdoor route that I would love to upload to Zwift from my Garmin GPS data… perhaps in the training section. Do you think that capability would be possible anytime soon? I would imagine many Zwifters would love this as we train indoors to maintain if not improve on our outdoor rides.
Other apps have adopted the upload.

With the recent update to have more achievements I was thinking to play off this with two quick features.

  1. Make every major route an achievement for people to explore the worlds. Yes, many who have been in Zwift for a long time may have to replay modes to unlock these achievements, it gives more badges and things to unlock as a whole.
  2. Similar to the Volcano loop, in worlds where there are loops smaller than say 5 miles, perhaps create similar achievements to the Volcano Circuit where you have a 5 lap and 10 lap achievements. Have the lap counter and create yet another badge for people to chase.

I have the same issue. Please implement the connection for the taurus 9.9 treadmill.

I have a concept 2 rower, it would be great to connect it to Zwift and be able to row on the water, especially the Oxford-Cambridge boat race course in London.

In most of the areas there are areas of water (lakes, seas, and rivers), it would be nice to be able to row on them and go under the bridges and get a new perspective of the different areas