What are the 10 Changes you would like to see in Zwift?

I saw GPLamas recent video and I started thinking what 10 changes I would like to see in Zwift.

  1. Workout suggests a route that I would finish if I finish the workout.
    The link: Workouts let Zwift pick world / route
    Workouts usually have all their datapoints (how many Watts and for how long) thus it is easy to extrapolate which route you could finish by finishing the workout. There are websites that already do this (for example Best Bike Split).

  2. “Carrot Ghosts”.
    The link: Climb Portal Ghost Selection
    The Ghost rider is just slightly faster than your last ride, thus giving you a constant incentive to push harder. Or select a ghost rider from your “friends list”, some famous Zwift personality etc.

  3. No rain and darkness, please!
    The link: No rain and darkness, please!

  4. Make the course gradient graph much more visible
    The link Make the course gradient graph much more visible

  5. Award “medals” for completing a route multiple times.
    The Link Award bronze, silver, gold and platinum badges

  6. Rowing Machine version
    The Link Zwift Rowing and Skiing - #2 by Eric_Schlange_ZwftIn

  7. Being able to favorite:
    routes The Link Ability to mark certain routes as "Favorite"
    workouts The Link Favorite/Star Workout - #37 by Alan_Kirschbaum
    default view The Link Feature request: Remember chosen viewpoint
    bikes and wheels The Link List with complete bike configurations for switching bikes, accessible with a shortcut key

  8. Show my past times on workouts and routes (I couldn’t find a feature request link).

  9. Remove the new weekly XP gain window or make it move away much faster (I couldn’t find a feature request link).

  10. Add the Zwift Facebook messages somewhere not on Social Media
    The Link Zwift Facebook posts ... reposted somewhere else?

  11. I am using the Zwifthacks website to find group rides. It would be awesome if I could sort the group rides by watts or even better w/kg and not just categories.

I thought something was being done to resolve your No. 9 - maybe being able to close it from the Companion App?

Other than that, only No. 4 strikes me as being of any priority.


What are your top 10 “priorities”?

My Zwifting experience is pretty much bug free. My devices pair ok, I don’t lose signal, my screens work, I don’t get graphics issues, power issues, lose calibration or any of these other problems, but I’d much rather the developers spent time fixing these things across the board before making changes.

If I had one request it would be to sort out the RoboPacer pacing such that they weren’t affected by group size. I suggest putting them on TT bikes so that they’re not catching a draft from riders leading them.

  1. Cracking down on the bots and the folk with dubious high power.

  2. More big French HC climbs to link up to ADZ, and not climb portal - real scenery. How about a village at the top of ADZ as well.

  3. Rowing and a dedicated rowing machine, I’d try it.


Good suggestions. The Ranges tab on ZwiftHacks will give you some ability to filter events for pace. It’s not perfect.

I agree with Chris about improving the bot detection and suspicious power. A rider whose power remains perfectly constant for 30 seconds (15 seconds? whatever) should be immediately coned.

I have a few other suggestions:

  1. Better filters for searching events in the Companion app

  2. Show the event description in the starting pen

  3. Support all event types in Companion results (eg, points races)

  4. Support DQs in the Companion app results

  5. Automated racing suspensions for height/weight manipulation in races. Let them appeal if they want.


10 off the top of my head in no particular order sure i can add many more if i think about it.

  1. Customisable HUD

2 .Saveable loadout profiles (TT, climbing, aero)

3 .Custom routes in events

  1. Better event management tools (power ups, pen start times etc)

  2. In game live points display

  3. Different race modes, elimination, neutralised starts

  4. A velodrome

  5. Companion update so club chat is usable with name tagging

  6. Ability to self manage kit unlocks

  7. Ability to customise play controller buttons. We have a button that does nothing that would be perfect for power up.

Bonus item. Virtual shifting for all trainers,

  1. Different race modes right within the Zwift app - points races with HUD, elimination races, …
  2. Show groups in HUD, just like Sauce so that we can easily see distance between packs etc.
  3. Team chat within Zwift Companion app (just typing, no voice). That would simplify team coordination in a race.
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Yep 4 here as well

Just an observation: the OP suggestions didn’t really cover anyhting to do with racing, but the replies seem to focus mainly on that aspect of Zwift.

OK I’ll go on with non-racing stuff…

  • Custom workouts in club events and meetups
  • Ability to upload custom workout files to Zwift via a web browser and mark it public or private
  • A badge for every route
  • More new roads
  • A Makuri Pretzel route
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In no particular order I can think of

  • Garage (this should be a given by now but here we are)
  • Customizable HUD (I really like the idea of companion being able to act like a HU too)
  • Ability to custom create a route (ala RoadCaptain), and potentially share with others/use on group rides
  • More trail socks (Rocket League anyone?; glitter, sparkles, smoke, etc. effects like firesocks please!)
  • Team management
  • Group chat (aka DM’s like we have now, but with multiple people)
  • Better camera controls (drone camera)
  • Personal Ghost Partners for workouts / pace setting
  • Keybind editor (please let me brake / give rideons with my keyboard)

  • Fuji!
  • Italy world (hear me out; Azure to Alps!)
  • Expand the other worlds that haven’t seen love; particularly Innsbruck and France (or dare I say breath some life into Yorkshire)

(Sorry that ended up being more than 10, but a good reference list anyway)

My requests and expectations from Santa have not changed for years:

  1. Customizable HUD
  2. Usable Elevation Graph
  3. A FairPlay category for racing: direct drive trainer w/ dual recording power only
    (no Zpower, no wheel on trainer, etc.)

In no particular order:

  1. More Club functionality - more workouts, custom workouts, custom icons/logos, custom kit for smaller clubs, limits to repeated spam club invites

  2. More regular, and earlier in many cases, popups of Leaderboards for Sprints and KOMs. Sometimes they don’t popup until you’re into the segment, sometimes they popup 1km before.

  3. Garage management

  4. Local (per user) off switch for Tron bike glow

  5. World Warping

  6. Better banning of bots and cheaters

  7. Mt. Fuji

  8. More gravel and MTB routes - where proper bike and steering both make a difference (E.G. a MTB downhill route off the Alpe summit)

  9. Ability to purchase individual components in the Drop Shop and customize bikes! (low priority, but wouldn’t that be cool)

  10. Power assist for riding with friends - i.e. an option that adds N watts to your power output for a ride (to get away from the weight dropping option that for example hand cyclists often have to use to group ride). Not usable in races, rides/segments with this option don’t stay in your PRs or go on Leaderboards, maybe an icon on the Nearby Rider list during big group rides.


A few that come to mind and in no particular order:

  1. customizable HUD
  2. customizable screen on the companion that is similar to my Garmin where I can choose how many and which metrics to show
  3. expand available metrics and include such things as NP, TSS, avg power
  4. lap button and ability to see related metrics eg. lap time, lap avg power
  5. improve AppleTV scrolling
  6. ability to organize garage
  7. preconfigured bikes in the garage (ie. bike, colour and wheels) for quick changes
  8. fix leaderboard popups, they’re inconsistent esp. Makuri Island sprints and allow to dismiss them esp. on long climbs
  9. Incognito mode and other privacy updates similar to what Strava has rolled out
  10. ability to turn off rain/darkness
  11. Improved elevation graph that’s actually usable, dare I say go back to the one we had 5-6 years ago

Here are a few items off the top of my head that I’d like to see. There could be a lot more, and I’m sure I’m forgetting some really important stuff.

Core Riding Experience Improvements

1 - Improve Ride Dynamics: Lots of work they can do here, ability to ‘feel’ the draft and terrain CRR changes via the trainer resistance, auto-brake on corners, show draft effect, show wasted watts.
2 - Better Gradient Graph: This is one of the biggest requests here, so just do this.
3 - Customizable HUD: This is one of the biggest requests here, so just do this. Also need to expose a lot of the functionality that sauce covers to make this one pop.

Racing Experience Improvements

4 - Race Ranking: Basically integrate ZwiftRacingApp logic for seeding, ranking, etc…
5 - Flexible cat boundaries by default: Maintaining strict rank/power categories will give sandbaggers easy targets to game both ranking and seeding models. So… introduce flexible boundaries in the bigger Zwift racing series as default, and let it be the exception to have completely static categories.

Navigation Improvements

6 - Favorites as a global concept: You can mark your favorite workouts, routes, race series, pace partners, bike/wheels, bike wheel combinations, etc. These show up on the homescreen front and center.

Goals/Achievement/XP Improvements

7 - More Missions/Achievements/Goals: Lots of examples of what can be done here. Add a mission for a Tron TT bike, a Tron gravel bike etc… Add seasonal achievements, or tiers to route badges to encourage not only doing routes once, but continuing to come back for more, etc.
8 - Prestiging: Once you hit L100 you have the ability to reset to L1 and get a notch on something somewhere such as an armband etc. to help show how many times you hit L100.

Social Platform Improvements

9 - Clubs Improvements: Whatever the most highly voted feature is. I don’t use clubs, but it seems to me there’s a lot of untapped potential here.
10 - Deep Customizations: I personally don’t customize much, but it seems there’s a lot of untapped potential here for avatar, bike, animations (post-up animations, idle animations, riding behaviors, etc). This could be part of a ‘drop shop’ overhaul, i.e. make it useful to have drops for folks who today have a lot of unspent drops.

That’s just top of my head.


In no real order:

Garage Management
Favorite Frame & Wheel Combinations
Move jerseys / socks that I’ll likely never enable to a different “drawer”

Better Filters in the Companion App
I’m not part of ZRL, so I’d like to filter out all of those events, instead of them taking up space
Filters by event length, world, or course (similar to ZwiftPower filters)

Being able to complete more than one course (with the badge) in a ride
I’ve not done some of the really short route badges because I don’t want to ride 4 kms, and then start a new ride to get another.
Having an in-game way to “route to start” like on a gps unit would be a nice add here too

Custom routes

Course Gradient
Seriously, this just needs to get resolved

Results Based Race Categorization

RoboPacers on some of the big event group rides again
They did this for the Tour de Zwift (I think) in 2023, and I thought it was great. More of that please.

Custom RoboPacers for routes / KOMs
Being able to input a goal time, and have a RP (at your height / weight / bike, etc) go a pace to meet that goal time, that you can then stick with, would be great for some of the longer routes, or the longer climbs. They did a RP like that for an Alpe event last spring, and it was great.


Not just racing, in general. But even trainers can be very helpful - IE Elite units.

I would also like a solution to the pace dynamics flaws with huge groups. It feels like riding through wet concrete at the moment in the middle of a bunch with excessive resistance and battling not to be dropped while IRL I’d be rolling quite easily.

I know, because I’ve ridden IRL in huge groups like we have in Zwift.


From your list only 4 Is a priority (big deal) for me and 7 would also be nice although not essential.

My favorites list would have to include:

  1. A calendar to shedule and move around workouts and other activities to do in or outside zwift.

  2. A much better and intuitive way for picking training plans maybe by doing a better job on the descriptions and organizing plans by type (base, build and speciality) and by type of cycling (road, MTB (XC and XCM), Gravel, etc.) and offcourse set the plan in the calendar (point one).

  3. A well needed better real ride feel in draft and cornering at high speed (auto braking).

There are much more I could mention in the gamification department specially in events but theese are on my :top: priorities.

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I would absolutely love a rowing machine version, as would my rowing partner.

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