Ability to mark certain routes as "Favorite"

I just started with Zwift andd the number of routes is quite overwhelming (I am using Zifthub for badge hunting). It would be cool if we could get a feature to sort our favorite routes.

Like Farmlands Loop is quite idyllic. And Mountain Route is quite hard. I would like to mark them somehow so that I do remember to revisit them.

I second this, especially with the new overly-complicated UI.

Or, at the very least, default to the previously ridden course so we don’t have to scroll through a list that has no apparent order

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Yeah, I kinda get annoyed about the suggested routes UI, though I understand why they have it. I would rather them show most recent routes, or favorite routes front and center. They don’t have to get rid of suggested routes, but they should either do recent or favorites.


Came here to say the same thing.

as long as we’re marking favorites, also include favorite workouts as I only use 3 and they are all my own customs


I would like to be able to favorite routes that I enjoy and be able to select them in the Zwift menu. Would be ideal to see the Favorite icon on the new Pacer group tiles.
i.e. I want to decide what route to ride, I check the pacer group tiles and see one is on a Favorite route of mine.

Yes, same here. I would really like to flag specific routes and workouts as favorites.

100% agree.

Being able to have a workout-route combo favorited would be a really useful and time-saving feature. Shouldn’t be too hard to get it done - c’mon Zwift, make it happen!