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It’d be helpful to have quicker and easier access to favorite workouts (through starring or flagging workouts when navigating your workout selection). It’d also be helpful to be able to save favorite workouts through a simpler UI (i.e. a web app that looks like whatsonzwift workout finder). That way after logging in and when you’re ready to select a workout, your favorites are at the top of the list.

Additionally, it’d be neat to see “suggested workouts” based on ones you’ve recently completed.

Yes, favourite and recent workouts. Recommendations is a neat idea too.


Agreed. I think it would be great if there was a third tab under the training menu ‘Workouts’, ‘Plans’, and ‘Favorites’. The ‘Favorites’ tab would hold workouts manually selected as favorites and it could also be automatically populated with all workouts completed by the users (there should of course be an option to remove them manually).


Agreed!! I was looking for this feature - please make it happen, Zwift!


Anyday now?

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I’ve achieved a similar thing by editing the workouts I like, then changing absolutely nothing except the name by adding my initials to the end, and saving it. This way all my favourite workouts end up in the “Custom Workouts” area.

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Man I’d love to be able to mark favorite rides. Using that Apple remote is annoying at times and having this would cut down on that.


Yes, please! I hate having to dig through all N weeks of whatever FTP builder plan to find that one workout that I really, really liked but can never remember where it is.


There are so many great workouts on Zwift, many of which I would love to tag so I can easily identify them at a later stage when I would like to do them again. Are there any features to create a favourite folder or tag your favourite workouts?

Hi Michael, there’s isn’t a feature for this right now but it is an existing feature request so the best thing to do is to do is to vote on the other thread.

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Thanks so much - I have voted.

Kind regards


Well, it’s October 2022 and it would still be really useful to be able to bookmark or have a Favorites list for workouts.

In the post they threw down a week or so ago it showed mock-ups with favorites as the basic path they are heading towards so hopefully it does come to light.

Workout Menu Update [October 2022] - What’s New? / Zwift Game - Zwift Forums

That is great. I look forward to seeing it.

Please consider allowing custom training plans to be made from your library of workouts. If not custom plans then the ability to mark certain workouts as favorites that can be filtered or accessed from a favorites tab on the in game workout page.

This seems like a logical step since the training plans have become more flexible and workouts previously only available in training plans are now individually selectable.

That would be a good feature, the ability to mark certain workouts.

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Would be great to be able to favorite or flag workouts you like doing, so you can quickly find them in a folder at the top of the list.

Sometimes its hard finding the workout you want! Not complaining, its great to have choice, but would just be even nicer to be able to highlight the ones you like.


Did this ever get any traction?
I’m disappointed to see that I was the 5th vote.

I know I’ve created a Zombi thread but this would be a nice feature.
Hopefully it will merge into another thread with hundreds of votes.

It would be great to be able to save workouts you love to a “Favorites List” so you don’t have to dig through all of the workouts to find ones that you like. It’s very hard to remember where the workout lives when you have to dig through the Title (ie. Build me up) and then Weeks 1-10 in some cases and then the actual name of the workout.

Just an idea. I would love to be able to bookmark workouts or “heart” them to a favorites list.

I fully agree with this as the new interface has made navigation more difficult, not easier.
One of my issues is that the top third of my screen just has “Find Some Company”, I need to scroll down to Just Ride and then go to routes and find the route I want. Previously Watopia was the a default option and it remembered which ride I had last done. The new interface means that starting a ride now requires multiple “clicks”. Any chance of a favourites link so riders can select the last ride they rode?