Favorite/Star Workout

Yeah that is a good idea.

One workaround in the meantime might be to edit the ones you like and rename them and then they’ll be in your custom workouts folder


Hi there,
Following the advice of Aleksendra from support, I publish my request.
Dear developers, Zwift is great. Thanks.

An evolution would be perfect, please.
When looking for a workout, you should be able to add it to your favourites.
Then find all our workouts in a favorites section.

What does the community think?

Stephane France :fr:

Bonjour à tous,
Suite aux conseils d’Aleksendra du support, je publie ma requête.
Chers développeur, Zwift est super. Merci.

Une évolution serait parfaite, s’il vous plaît.
Lorsque l on cherche un entraînement, il faudrait pouvoir l ajouter en favoris.
Ensuite retrouver tous nos entraînements dans une rubrique favoris.

Qu’en pense la communauté ?

Stéphane France :fr:

I voted for this feature request. I think it would be especially helpful for users on platforms that require more effort to navigate the home screen. The goal should be (1) open the app, (2) immediately click on a favorite workout, (3) ride.

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Yeah, I thought I had already voted for this one, but apparently not. I always find getting to my favorite workouts very clumsy, being able to flag certain ones as favorites with an easy way to navigate to them would be great. They did talk about adding favorites to workouts in one of the recent posts, but I forget which one.

It’s funny that Zwift is able to add Xmas lights and a floating Santa than this much more useful function.

Definitely +100 for me!

That Christmas lights and Santa was created years ago, They just turn a switch to switch it on.

So was this post and we are still no further forward :sob:

It is incredible for me, that Zwift didn’t do this functionality yet.

Will this not happen automatically now with the improved “For you” section on the new Home Screen?

I have just purchased a smart trainer and joined the Zwift world and TBH once I looked at the workouts I spent time trying to find “favorites”…

Assumed I was to green to the app… clearly too soon to the app.

Yes please… less navigating more riding I say.

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