Favorite/Star Workout

I use the same training workouts quite often. However they are very hard to find. I want to have a list on top of the training workouts called:

  • Recently used: Here the last workouts I did are listed
  • Favorites: I can mark any workout as favorite and they will be added to this list.

Keep up the good work!

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Not quite what you wanted but you can copy (some?) workouts and they will show in the custom workout folder like in this link

Or you can use ZWO factory to create your own workouts that show in the same place, see

Or, if you also use Training Peaks you can create a workout in that and it will sync to the bottom of the workout folder list.


It would be great if we could “star” a favorite workout and have it l on “my favorites”

Yeah that is a good idea.

One workaround in the meantime might be to edit the ones you like and rename them and then they’ll be in your custom workouts folder


Hi there,
Following the advice of Aleksendra from support, I publish my request.
Dear developers, Zwift is great. Thanks.

An evolution would be perfect, please.
When looking for a workout, you should be able to add it to your favourites.
Then find all our workouts in a favorites section.

What does the community think?

Stephane France :fr:

Bonjour à tous,
Suite aux conseils d’Aleksendra du support, je publie ma requête.
Chers développeur, Zwift est super. Merci.

Une évolution serait parfaite, s’il vous plaît.
Lorsque l on cherche un entraînement, il faudrait pouvoir l ajouter en favoris.
Ensuite retrouver tous nos entraînements dans une rubrique favoris.

Qu’en pense la communauté ?

Stéphane France :fr:

I voted for this feature request. I think it would be especially helpful for users on platforms that require more effort to navigate the home screen. The goal should be (1) open the app, (2) immediately click on a favorite workout, (3) ride.

(Click “Vote” at the top of this thread)

Yeah, I thought I had already voted for this one, but apparently not. I always find getting to my favorite workouts very clumsy, being able to flag certain ones as favorites with an easy way to navigate to them would be great. They did talk about adding favorites to workouts in one of the recent posts, but I forget which one.

It’s funny that Zwift is able to add Xmas lights and a floating Santa than this much more useful function.

Definitely +100 for me!

That Christmas lights and Santa was created years ago, They just turn a switch to switch it on.

So was this post and we are still no further forward :sob:

It is incredible for me, that Zwift didn’t do this functionality yet.

Will this not happen automatically now with the improved “For you” section on the new Home Screen?

I have just purchased a smart trainer and joined the Zwift world and TBH once I looked at the workouts I spent time trying to find “favorites”…

Assumed I was to green to the app… clearly too soon to the app.

Yes please… less navigating more riding I say.

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I can’t believe that zwift still don’t have this, it doesn’t feel personalised at all.

Even peloton which is meant to be inferior compared to zwift you can tag favourites and build your weeks schedule so you can schedule the live rides and those from workouts so you have your own weekly calendar.

There is too much on the front page it’s like loading up Netflix, then unless you’ve got a great memory I have to keep finding what I need to do each day. To be honest it’s such a faff most of the time I just go outside.

The front page needs a lot less, you should be able to create your own weeks training and tag the live or workouts you want to do. Otherwise it just takes so long to navigate around.

Think although I bought the zwift hub I might move back to trainer road at this rate

Oh my word yes to this! I’m doing 10-12 week ftp builder … every day I log in, find the work outs (scroll down, remember where in the menus it is … training plan? oops no that’s something else). Then try and remember what week i am on … then remember which workout i need, trying to look at previous workouts to see which one I did recently. Shocking!!!

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Oh and whilst we’re at it, it would be good to slot in recommended days off, or when an extra ride would be ok. My tendency is to do a ride 5-6 days a week, but I don’t know which days must be free and which days could be an extra easy ride etc.

Add me to this request. Why after all this time, and with various bells and whistles added, is there no easy way to save favorite workouts? I have no interest in creating custom workouts, it’s too much work. The list of existing workouts/ training plans is huge. I just want to save the ones that work for me. PLEEZE!

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@Charlie_CC @evan-zwift Back in October 2022 there was a fairly encouraging thread which had a mock up of a favourites workout page. I know around the same time the Home Screen, including the workouts page, was changed - is there any further news on the favourites development?

Showing Favorites

If you favorite a workout, it will be shown on a new Favorites page in the Workouts & Training screen.

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You might see from the post above that Zwift did consider/was working on a Favorites facility for workouts back in October 2022. Hopefully this is still on their agenda as I sure there is a demand.

I probably shouldn’t put an easy workaround solution into a Feature Request thread but to me it seems logical to put a solution here. The moderators can move this to its own thread if they feel it appropriate.

PLEASE do read on - I know I generally write far to much but the reading of this possible solution will almost take longer to do than the time taken to save your workouts in very easy to find folders.

Zwift already has a fairly easy to use Custom Workouts folder. I don’t see that this word Custom means for workouts you have created or customised. I take it to mean that you can customise this folder to make finding workouts (be that existing, customised or created) much easier.

To put any existing workout into your Custom Workouts folder you don’t need to create it or customise it you just need to save it before choosing to do the workout. Probably easier to delete it later from your custom workouts if you don’t like it than return to try and find it and save it if you do like it. [You can always save it later if you prefer - and can find it again !]

At the time of saving it just Tag Your Workout with a word which indicates to you that this is a workout you are using for the first time. Let’s use the word ‘anything’. This word ‘anything’ will create a sub folder under the Browse By Tags subfolder. After you have completed your workout you can go back into your Custom Workouts and either delete it or re Tag it with more appropriate folder name ( or names if you wish to save it under more than one folder.

Every different Tag word you use will create its own subfolder. Tag words are case sensitive so Test and test are two different subfolders. You can’t have multiple word subfolders using more than one word but you can of course join the words, ie Hard-Workouts.

Three easy steps taking less than 15-20 seconds before you start your workout and the workout is now easily findable within your own Custom Workouts subfolders.

If you use two (or more) of your regular Tag words it will put the workout in both (or all as appropriate) of the relevant sub folders.

If in the future you wish to delete it from one of the specific sub folders ensure you open it and delete only the appropriate Tag word or it will be delete from all sub folders.

You also have the ability to quickly tag any workout with one, or more, of Zwift’s preset tags - Recovery, Intervals, FTP or TT. [ if Zwift do nothing else to provide the Favorites facility shown in my post above then I suggest they at least add FAVORITES here or at worst change, say, FTP to FAVORITES.]

Below the list of Browse By Tags subfolders you will find all of the workouts you have saved to your Custom Workouts. Be careful not to delete any of these you wish to keep as they will then be deleted from within the sub folders they are linked to.

All those workouts you have saved to your Custom Workouts folder can of course also be searched by the DURATION and EFFORT search options provided by Zwift.

I’m not saying at all that this possible solution replaces the Feature Request of a Zwift workout Favorites facility but hope it offers a solution for some users until Zwift implement as requested.


I like it- that’s smart!

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