List with complete bike configurations for switching bikes, accessible with a shortcut key

As a rider in a group going over very varied terrain, it would be great to access a short list of full bike configurations from my garage via a shortcut key, so that switching bikes mid-ride would be considerably faster instead of rummaging in my garage–and get me the correct configuration that works. Example: the Uber Pretzel ride has climbs, descents, gravel, and flat sections with meaningful drafting.

For example, this list could provide customizable entries like:

  • Climbing
  • Speed
  • Time Trial
  • Mountain Bike
    etc. that I populate with my preferences from my garage. The list would pop up when I hit a shortcut key, and I could switch to a different bike instantly once I have slowed enough.

issue there is if you are racing and you break away you could switch to a TT bike then another bike for climbs . zwift allows this but you must stop to change bikes before it allows it

Exactly, time penalty in theory should be same as if doing an IRL bike change I guess (since we all of course have support vehicles following us). Nonetheless a shortcut key to make easier is fine, just make it a fixed mandatory eg. 15 second wait for anyone and everyone.

It completely makes sense that Zwift makes you stop (or nearly stop) before allowing you to switch bikes, just like IRL, whether racing, or doing a group ride. A fixed time period for everyone would be OK. What bothers me at the moment is the rummaging process in my full garage for frames and wheel sets, and remembering which combination is the best for all-round, climbing, TT, flats, etc.

I use an old fashioned solution - a piece of paper.
Voted, would be nice to have this feature - and an option to tidy out the garage.