Garage bike and kit personalization

(Jon) #1

.@GoZwift with new garage and Drop Shop, maybe add a way for us to setup a bike and kit and reuse it instead of rebuilding? Like my climbing bike, wheelset, kit, etc and my TT bike setup?

(Ryan DevlinšŸ”°[INC]) #2

Yes please. Save the setup with frame, wheels, colours. Would make it much faster when swapping around. Current system is super clunky

(Matt) #3

Yes. Would love to have a few setups to save and tab through with hotkeys or similar.

(Ben Fricker) #4

Avatar-Presets please!

for example:
I want to ride a Trek Emonda with Meilenstein wheels when riding long climbs. Also I want short hair without beard and modern sunglasses and a blue jersey.
For group/social rides I want the Vintage Steel Bike with Classic wheels, long hair and long beard and vintage jersey.
And I can think of so much moreā€¦

Please at least 6 Avatar-Presets.

(Kurt Muetterties [BRT]) #5

Totally agree. Would love to have saved setups for training, climbing, hilly versus flat raceā€¦Should be a prompt when you choose your ride route or activity. Getting hard to remember the various combinations that are ideal for each ride.

(Kevin) #6

I would love to see this and I think most people would use it.

(Ricky) #7

Yes to this. Now there is a much larger range of options from the shop this would be great :+1: