Garage bike and kit personalization

(Jon) #1

.@GoZwift with new garage and Drop Shop, maybe add a way for us to setup a bike and kit and reuse it instead of rebuilding? Like my climbing bike, wheelset, kit, etc and my TT bike setup?

(Ryan Devlinđź”° INC) #2

Yes please. Save the setup with frame, wheels, colours. Would make it much faster when swapping around. Current system is super clunky

(Matt Wheeler 🦊 [VFox]) #3

Yes. Would love to have a few setups to save and tab through with hotkeys or similar.

(Ben) #4

Avatar-Presets please!

for example:
I want to ride a Trek Emonda with Meilenstein wheels when riding long climbs. Also I want short hair without beard and modern sunglasses and a blue jersey.
For group/social rides I want the Vintage Steel Bike with Classic wheels, long hair and long beard and vintage jersey.
And I can think of so much more…

Please at least 6 Avatar-Presets.

(Kurt) #5

Totally agree. Would love to have saved setups for training, climbing, hilly versus flat race…Should be a prompt when you choose your ride route or activity. Getting hard to remember the various combinations that are ideal for each ride.

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(Kevin) #6

I would love to see this and I think most people would use it.

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(Ricky) #7

Yes to this. Now there is a much larger range of options from the shop this would be great :+1:

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(Ben) #8

Only 32 Votes?
Come on, people. You know you want this!

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(Adam) #9

Hi Ben,
from what I’ve noticed during some time on this forum, is that most of the Zwift users are not even in this forum. There is no some sort of “direct in-game integration” with the forum, so most of the users do not have any need to come here, or some of them could come but do not have any need to create a forum user and participate (personal choice etc…).
So, only small portion of Zwift users are presented here and from those users the actives one even less. And with all this, 39 votes it’s a lot )) for such a small active community as Zwfit forum. You could see that the top requests are starting with about 30 till 100 votes. Ehh…well…yes… 30-100 votes comparing it, as an example, to some Instagram account of a small business in a small village located far from the big city, and they have probably more likes on each post than the most popular topics here, but it is what it is for now ))).

With all this, I think it would be great to have more advanced social part integration inside the game. As an example, some requests were already made about personal messaging, so the PM of forum could be used for this. Also some additional tab with specific forum topics (events, clubs, as an example) could be integrated inside Companion application etc…

p.s. ah… and the most important part, I’ve voted for the bike and kit personalization feature ))

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