Adding Drop Shop and Avatar Customisation to Companion App

Hi Zwift,

Any chance to add the Drop Shop to your Zwift comp app? The phone I feel is the natural place to buy items and customise your rider.

When I go on to Zwift I’m there to ride, especially as I have limited time to Zwift. The shop looks great but I just don’t have time before hand as I’m wanting to Zwift and then afterwards as I want to hit the shower.

It will be so easier to have this on the app rather than on the laptop where you have to launch the software, skip the connectivity page, click Just Watch, then click Menu etc… Instead just have two options on the Companion App menu for Avatar and Drop Shop, boooom DONE (I know its not that easy, but from the users experience it will be great)!

Great to see you guys put the time and effort into the shop and the customisation. I think you will have even better uptake if you mobilise it :smile:



Yep 100% agree. This is very annoying for me.

At least on android a kind of work around is to launch the game and apply customisation in advance, or post, ride. Not ideal though.


Please add the possibility to make avatar adjustments and purchases via companion app. It’s ridiculous that you have to go ingame to make those things right now. Especially due to the fact that you always have to leave spectator mode for it…


Bikes and wheels you can only change while your bike/avatar is not moving, all other things you can change while riding. I usually change mine during warmup.


I think these days you can’t change bikes during an event at all, even if you’re stationary. It used to be possible, but it led to some “gaming” where people would change bikes on the fly during the race. That’s what I recall anyway, but it would have been changed maybe 3 years ago I think.

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I remember that, go up the climb on a light bike and change to a TT going down, Fun times. Then they introduced the mandatory stop to change bikes. I will have to enter an event and see if I can change, but you may be on to something, if an event force you to be on a TT or the Concept bike then I would assume that you won’t be able to change bikes.

I am usually so engage in the event that I don’t think of changing bikes. I would think you decide on your bike before the event if it is that important, like IRL.

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100% add to companion. Customisation screens back and to on zwift isn’t easy. Also add a screen that you could see all the components on your bike and the combined gear rating would be helpful.