Drop Shop in Companion

It would be nice if we could see the drop shop on Companion. I would love to see that in a future update.

Absolutely. It’s more than annoying that you always have to start a ride before you can enter the shop or your garage.


Gets my vote.

I’d like to be able to inspect and change kit in the Companion app too.


If we could customize our avatar but not buying anything from the drop shop I would say but it would be bizarre to be able to see all the bike from the drop shop on Companion but not being able to buy them.

Having both the dropshop and garage available in the companion app would be great for pre/ post ride tinkering, esp if a new level was reached in the ride.


Completely agree. Companion app AND Zwift Website, upon login. I can’t tell you how many times in my limited time on Zwift (about 7 months now) that I’ve signed up for an event/race via Zwift website while at work (ahem, don’t tell my boss!), and wanted to customize my setup (mostly just wheels/frame, not so much kit because a lot of the time the event dictates the majority of your kit setup) ahead of time knowing that more than likely, I’ll be flying home, jumping into my gear, filling water bottles, firing up the laptop and trainer, etc. and won’t have time to doink around with changing my setup before I need to be on the trainer warming up. Being able to do that “remotely” away from my pain cave either via the companion app, or the Zwift website would be super ideal.