Move the garage and drop shop to the front of the game

We should be able to select what gear we want to use BEFORE starting a ride, based on the route we are about to do or the mood we are in.

It makes no sense to have to start a ride or go into the full game to be able to customise our avatar or gear.

Agree. I would like to not have to start a ride (and delete it) just to make basic profile changes… would also like to see those features at some point on the web-based profile page.


Yes that would be nice! :ride_on:

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Fully Agree!!! I’d like to have garage access on same screen as selecting a route or event so can pick my equipment before starting - esp now with more specialized equipment like the mountain bike for Jungle & Repack Ridge.

Just like the real world: plan a ride, gear up, head out. Current system: pick a route, head out on previous kit then stop to change kit, restart the ride.

If steering is more widely implemented then I can imagine we will want a wider range of bike options for gravel, cross, xc, enduro, DH - even skills park elements might be interesting


Bottom left corner is a perfect spot to select your gear, bike and whatever before joining a ride and then backing out!

+1 from my side as well here :slight_smile: Would highly appreciate it! - In addition, also achievements (badges) should be visible that way.

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Hello together,

every time I’m starting Zwift I’m frustrated that I can only change the look of the bike, the jersey etc. and also see my achievements only from the in-game menu. I’d appreciate it a lot to do the same beforehand, in the menu where I’m selecting the route and the workout.

Even more, doing that (looking into that functions) in the Zwift companion App would be awesome; especially being able to look at achievements and changing styles.

I would appreciate it a lot!

All the best

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Also a thread here from 02/10. Could do with admin merging and adding one to the list of frequently asked questions.

I agree. I find it pretty crazy you have to start the game for this.

+1 for this, though my suggestion is to put the garage and drop shop in the companion app. In the game I am riding, afterwards when sitting on the sofa I want to shop.

Full list of achievements should also be in the companion app too.


Yep. Can’t believe I still have to commence a ride to see my badges or change/buy kit in the garage/drop shop! Simple navigation really helps.

It’s super annoying not being able to access the garage and drop shop without starting a ride. Surely it can at least be added to the World choice page. As others have mentioned it would be super useful to have in the companion app so you can browse around and customise while sitting on the sofa.

Having the badges in the companion app and options to share them on social would be great.

Yes, please! :+1:

Hey there, if i saw this thread earlier i might not have made a new one for the startpage since my thread is almost the same topic. I totally agree with you.

100% - this is such a strange UI design

Agree. A couple of weeks ago Zwift app crashed whilst I was browsing the garage and lost the data for the ride I had just done.
A bit poor user experience.