Moving "My Garage"

It would be great if there was a way to access “My Garage” from the world selection screen (or maybe even the companion app?) in addition to being within the ride menu. Where the garage is currently located, you have to access it from within a ride. This means that every time I want to change my bike setup or change my kit, all of my followers who have me listed as a favorite are getting notifications from their app that I am riding. Creating this notification for my friends is frustrating, and often times leads to me avoiding going into the garage at all.

For the same reasons listed above, it would be great if you were able to adjust FTP and view Challange progress all without having to be in a ride.

Make sure you vote up this Request also: Drop Shop in Companion


I completely agree! It doesn’t make much sense to have this feature inside the ride app, especially when you get booted after you save a ride.

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@Katrina_Burgess: You can go to the garage before you save and exit. Click on the menu button (bottom left) then select Garage.

Thanks, I am aware of this. What people are requesting is that we can save first, then go to the garage before the app automatically closes.

Even better, in my view, would be to move the garage to the Companion app so we don’t have to start a ride to access it.

Thanks for clearing that up. :+1:

I usually change my bike or kit during my warm up, my legs need some time to warm up. :slight_smile:

Or I will look in the garage on my cool down if I got some new stuff during the ride.

Yes I agree I don’t like having to “ride” to go into my garage to change out kits wheels etc. Also the challenges aren’t listed somewhere like “Start A Challenge” it took me a month to figure out there was an Everest Challenge. :roll_eyes:

A complete overhaul of the pre-ride menu’s needs to take place.
The opening pairing screen is fine, Zwift needs to know what sensors you have.

Then you should enter your garage in a first person view.

On the far wall could be maps of Watopia and guest world. Click on the map you want to ride and choose your route (similar to the way you do now).

Want to do a workout, perhaps these could be in a text book on a workbench? Click the book, enter the workout menu that is already present.

Events could be listed on a constantly changing digital screen, only a slight change to the current list in the top right.

Your bikes could be hanging on a wall within the garage, click the general area and it takes you to the current bikes & wheels menu.

A closet in your garage could take you to the current clothing menu’s.

C’mon Zwift, it is time to rethink this outdated and clunky ride menu & garage and make it a much bigger part of the game.

( I have seen rider avatars with default kit and bike when they are level 15 or higher as the user is not aware of current garage).

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