Accessing the menu from the home screen without starting a ride

How about making the in-game menu, the one with drop shop, settings, challenges, workouts, etc. accessible from the main menu without having to start a ride? I often find myself wanting to look through the drop shop or the workout menu at some random time during the day, but in order to do so I have to start a ride which, besides for being annoying, also uses up a lot of my limited data.

A better suggestion would be to access ALL that and more through and/or the Zwift Companion App.


Totally right!!

With all the additions to things like badges & achievements, drop shop and other sub-menu options it’s getting really a pain to have to go through the whole process of the pairing and route selection screen before we can get to the menu.

For example if I want to check on what routes achievement badges I already have so I can select an undone one for a new ride I have to login, pass the pair screen, select a ride, go to the menu, check on achievements, backout and discard the ride, re-log in, pair, select the right route. What an utter pain in the ■■■■.

A new menu option in the pairing screen would be good.

I know a new UI is being worked on, but I really hope you consider process flow as well.



How do you know that?

Look at zwiftinsider for the route badges.

One of the recent Zwiftcast episodes, Simon mentioned it. Supposedly winter 19/20.

I know I can check on zwiftinsider for the list of badges, but I have to go through the whole ride selection process to check on which I’ve done, which was my point. It’s not intuitive from a process flow standpoint.


Hi Stephen,
I agree with you. I also asked support if this is possible, but as of today it is not yet.
I hope it is a common problem for many, because it would be really convenient to be able to access the menu without necessarily starting a ride.

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