Access to garage & drop shop

Why is it that in order to access your garage or the drop shop you have to start up Zwift and start a ride to access them via the menu?
Surely it would make more sense to allow users to access the garage and drop shop from the start up screen without having to start a ride.
It would also be good if you could access them via Companion app.

This has been suggest a few times, if you do a search you can vote up the existing Feature Requests.

No doubt voted-for features will get priority implementation…

Well, having multiple Feature Requests for the same thing does not help, it is better to have it consolidated into one place.

I understand what you are saying.

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Be able to access storage inventory from the companion app. It does not make any sense to have to start Zwift to do so… and the option to get to it is not user friendly.

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