Feature Request: Improved Garage Management

The average zwifter’s garage is increasingly becoming a mess of especially many frames, wheels, jerseys, and socks.

Improved garage management would be great. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Make it possible to save four frame+wheel combinations as favourites always at the top. What they are is up to the individual, but it could be a TT, road race, gravel, and MTB setup. Or it could be TT, hilly race, flat race, and gravel.

  • Make it possible to save 3-4 favourite kit configurations: Head gear, jersey, socks, gloves, shoes, and eyewear.

  • Everything else stays the same for occasional use.

This will save time and remove frustration in shifting bike setups or kit setups.

sell or delete things too. lots of things I’ll never use and if I do I could just buy them back

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See these existing feature requests and upvote those. :ride_on:

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