Garage Organisation - Favourite Combinations

Everyone only uses 1% of their zwift garage but always have to scroll through 99% of things across multiple item menus that they aren’t interested in.

Existing suggestions include archiving unused jerseys/bikes/wheels/etc so that only wanted options appear in the scrolling list. This would still require multiple menus to change full kit.

Other suggestions include having a favourite list of combinations which could include bike/wheels/jersey/etc for specific disciplines such as TT, climbing, flat/rolling, gravel. This would be the best improvement because users would be able to change multiple items with one click.

I’d love to see lots of support for this so it makes it to the Super Common Feature Requests thread, please vote it up if you agree, add a comment after you vote it up and also vote the other posts for similar features.

Please do a search of the forums, there is already a few request like yours.

Make sure you also vote them up.

Ride On!

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