Selling items from your garage

Is this possible? A lot of the time, people spend Drops and then, as they get to higher levels, unlock items they were not able to buy. I’ve ended up with some wheels and frames I’ll not use… It would be good if I could ‘sell’ them, for a lower price, to top up my Drops account.

Unfortunately it´s not even possible to give them away for free or dump them, let alone sell them … :woozy_face:

Maybe newbies should be given the advice to buy as few equipment as absolutely necessary (however you define “necessary”) :crazy_face:


Yeah, trade in would be great. I’ve blown away hundreds of Drops on stuff I’ll never use again. It’s far too much like real life!


I agree garage full of the bikes and wheels and only use the tron bike to race or the Pinarello with disk for a TT ride


if not sell back. It would be great to at least pick your “Favorites” and be able to switch bikes faster in races etc.


I don’t need to sell them back. I’d be happy just giving some of them back or deleting them.

Even better would be having X number of slots (5?) that are favorite setups (both frame and wheels) that you can easily switch between. A gravel bike, an mtb, Tron, a lightweight climbing setup, a full on aero setup, and a TT setup would work for me.

If we’re going to have races that encourage bike swaps, having simple setups ready to switch between would be especially nice. Particularly for people zwifting on setups that makes bike swaps challenging.


this is exactly it.

  1. Gravel bike setup
  2. MTB setup
  3. pure climbing
  4. Pure flat
  5. All-around

that would be ideal but I think this might be a separate question

  1. TT bike
  2. Custom

Upvoted as it’s been suggested many times. (edit - I think most people would be fine with some way of organizing their garage)

My advice to new Zwifters: BUY NOTHING and don’t use ANY unlock codes or you’ll end up with a garage that looks like a thrift store.

Select the “Climb Everest” challenge, unlock the Emonda, use that. Keep climbing to get the Z1 which can be your do-everything bike in perpetuity. Switch to the other challenges for a couple more bike unlocks.

On reaching L26, buy the Canyon Speedmax CF SLX Disc, the fastest TT bike in the game.

Level 42, buy the DT Swiss ARC 1100 DICUT DISC wheels as they’re the fastest in game.

That’s it, you’re done. No excess crap-tier bikes or hyper-specific jerseys (“Bob’s 2018 Jarvis Island Tuesday Beer Ride Reunion!”) cluttering up your Garage.

I’d make an exception for the Zwift Safety Bike, Buffalo bike but not for the Roval Alpinist as you can get the Meilensteins for free with enough AdZ climbs.


+1 to a feature request for at least hiding useless bikes. I intentionally avoid most of the fun random Zwift bikes that will just be clutter if I don’t have a way to hide them during races where I want to execute a bike swap


This is the way.


+1 on this feature request. already have the Tron bike from doing the everest+ challenge and bought the Chapter2 TOA as an alternate all-rounder just to find it’s been made slower and heavier. However, that said, I don’t really compete in any races. It’s just a personal thang.


Yep please, organise Garage to a favorite set up for aero, climbing, gravel and MTB.
The rest canbe stoted in limbo to swap around when required .


I’d like to add kits as well. I have about 100+ kits in my kit drawer at the moment, but I use about 5 different ones for various team events. It would be great to have more drawers to put them in.


Need the Venge as well. It’s the most aero bike in the game for flat TTTs.

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I stopped doing the Italy-Challence midway to avoid getting one more bike in my garage I would not be using. Would be nice with a back-up-garage where you could put the items you dont want to use each day. Same also for the kits which I have a lot of.
It could actually be rather bad if you could get totally rid of items - think for example in a divorce-situation where your other part just could go in and delete it all. Or some “friends” who just would make a prank on you. There a back-up-garage would be a much more secure solution. Also to make sure you do not delete some important items like the standard Zwift-kit, which sometimes have other expressions at X-mas or other times.


It’s a hard no from me on the Venge.

Source: Speed Tests: Zwift’s Fastest Bike Frames for Flat/Rolling Races | Zwift Insider

What’s the Time Gap?

The frames above are separated by just 1.5 seconds on a ~50-minute test on the Tempus Fugit route at 300 watts with a 75kg rider. That’s a slim margin, and one you’re not likely to notice in the craziness of the Zwift peloton.”

The Tron bike may not be at the top of these rankings, but keep in mind, if you don’t have a disc wheelset to couple with one of the fast frames above, the Tron is faster on flat/rolling routes.

1.5 seconds…only IF you have a very expensive, very high level disc wheelset. Without it, the Z1 wins.

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Like I said in the other thread:
I don’t need the Ch2 TOA to be faster than the Tron, just equivalent. My avatar always complains when we’re running the Tron 'cuz he doesn’t get a back break when we’re in the draft; he’s stuck on the drops…


I don’t even want my drops back just a option to donate them (ie Delete the bikes)

If I want them back I will pay full price. :money_with_wings::dollar::money_with_wings::dollar::moneybag:


+1 I’d like to get rid of all the non usable bikes. Preferably by getting drops back

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