Selling items from your garage

Is this possible? A lot of the time, people spend Drops and then, as they get to higher levels, unlock items they were not able to buy. I’ve ended up with some wheels and frames I’ll not use… It would be good if I could ‘sell’ them, for a lower price, to top up my Drops account.

Unfortunately it´s not even possible to give them away for free or dump them, let alone sell them … :woozy_face:

Maybe newbies should be given the advice to buy as few equipment as absolutely necessary (however you define “necessary”) :crazy_face:

Yeah, trade in would be great. I’ve blown away hundreds of Drops on stuff I’ll never use again. It’s far too much like real life!

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I agree garage full of the bikes and wheels and only use the tron bike to race or the Pinarello with disk for a TT ride

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