Garage Sale

It would be nice if we could sell equipment at the Drop Shop for 50% of the value.

Did you buy the Pinarello too? :cry:


Ha ha, no.

Wonder how much I can get for my 808/Super9, lol.


I wouldn’t mind this for the sake of cleaning house and putting drops toward other gear, similar to Skyrim shops where you can sell your stuff (at a loss), but at the same time not sure if a bartering/trade component is a necessary complication to Zwift.

Completely agree with this… As a zwift user advances in level and/or the type of riding they are doing changes, they are purchasing new bikes and wheelsets that are available to them. After a while, the garage is cluttered with items they have no intention of using again. This would allow for them to reduce their inventory while dynamically increasing their ‘buying’ power and thus making them more competitive in the game by taking advantage of the better frames/wheelsets.

I would just like the option to hide frames and wheels that I don’t use… option to select a favorite for flats and a favorite for climbs.


I’m even willing to give that useless stuff away for free … or throw out of the window if possible :slight_smile:
just to clean up my garage :slight_smile:
I got a lot of unwanted items via leveling up (without real interest - I mean I didn’t buy it in dropshop)


I’ll echo what @Chuck_Walker said.
Maybe a “storage” option for the garage, to hide the stuff we don’t want to see.

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Check this feature request out:

Ive over 10 million drops and nothing I want to buy… perhaps we could ride them in for a Zwift charity donation…