Remove Unwanted Items From Closet

I have so many wheelsets, bikes and other items that I will not ever use again. It would be great if you could you make deleting/hiding closet items possible.

Good idea, i am up for this.
I used drops on few bikes and wheels but still dont like scrolling to get what i want. If somebody have all it must be nightmare.

Yes, please! I’d be happy to give a lot of my equipment away to a digital charity (especially the Pinarello I wasted Drops on early on)!

Alternatively, I think there’s an existing feature request for quick keys to target a few favored setups. When I stop to swap bikes for the jungle circuit, I don’t want to have to rummage around a cluttered garage looking for my Scott Spark RC.


Maybe we could trade them in for say, 1/3 of the drops we paid for them? Or donate to another rider?


Two alternative solutions:

  • “Favourite” tab to set the “active” items in the garage so we can select item faster with limited choices.

  • “Star” items (similar as friend folowing in companion app) - set items with “star” on top of the list and other below…


this will help for sure with eliminate scrolling :slight_smile:
most of us using 2/3 bikes and wheels sets (hills, tt, tron)


Another vote for being able to delete items in our garage please. Things are starting to get cluttered.

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Or saved configurations. A climbing bike, a time trial bike, a race bike etc so you don’t have to change both the frame and wheels.


Thats will work for me too :blush:

Especially the kits…I have about 165 and option to remove some would be nice or at least something like an ‘archived’ or ‘retired’ area or folder to drop them into.

In addition ro the garage, we should have “The Attic” for stuff we’re don’t want ro have to sift through.


Yes, need this (seemingly easy) fix. Have the X mark on the right top corner, and the check mark on the left. Have a confirmation ask, then delete…doesn’t get much easier than that in your closet…soon, please

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Another vote here to be able to delete/sell/donate unwanted bikes/kit from the garage (or to be able to have ‘saved favourite defaults to go back to; i.e. climbing bike, TT bike etc)

Totally agree. I change bikes a lot mid ride–mostly when entering the Jungle wanting to switch to the MTB or at the end of a long climb wanting to switch to aero for the descent instead of the climbing rig. I get that I need to be stopped and it needs to be “realistic” but it shouldn’t be laborious. Getting rid of stuff in my garage would help me make faster bike changes. And saved configurations would be nice too. The climbing setup always uses the same wheels. The aero setup always uses a different set of wheels.

Agree with you!

Or could we MOVE unwanted items from our Garage to a Closet?
Or have a Favorites tab?
Or some Presets?


decluttering the garage would be nice…

+1 for a favorite tab

Another bit of Zwift where a simple look at other products on the market gives a good idea of what should be done. As in - make the garage a garage, and the shop a shop. Make a place for your saved/favorites configurations (so you don’t have to switch frames + wheels every time). And so on.

And of course - don’t make me load a world before I can pick a bike…

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