Remove Unwanted Items From Closet

I have so many wheelsets, bikes and other items that I will not ever use again. It would be great if you could you make deleting/hiding closet items possible.

Good idea, i am up for this.
I used drops on few bikes and wheels but still dont like scrolling to get what i want. If somebody have all it must be nightmare.

Yes, please! I’d be happy to give a lot of my equipment away to a digital charity (especially the Pinarello I wasted Drops on early on)!

Alternatively, I think there’s an existing feature request for quick keys to target a few favored setups. When I stop to swap bikes for the jungle circuit, I don’t want to have to rummage around a cluttered garage looking for my Scott Spark RC.


Maybe we could trade them in for say, 1/3 of the drops we paid for them? Or donate to another rider?

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Two alternative solutions:

  • “Favourite” tab to set the “active” items in the garage so we can select item faster with limited choices.

  • “Star” items (similar as friend folowing in companion app) - set items with “star” on top of the list and other below…


this will help for sure with eliminate scrolling :slight_smile:
most of us using 2/3 bikes and wheels sets (hills, tt, tron)

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Another vote for being able to delete items in our garage please. Things are starting to get cluttered.

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Or saved configurations. A climbing bike, a time trial bike, a race bike etc so you don’t have to change both the frame and wheels.


Thats will work for me too :blush: