Suggestion Feature: Personal Bike Rack in Garage

Within each user’s garage, I think Zwift should add a feature where you can save different bike build outs. Say I want to do a time trial race one day, and the next day climb Alpe Zwift. When we use Zwift, it automatically carries forward the previous bike used. So if I did a time trial last, but now want to climb Alpe Zwift, I need to go change my frame, wheels, etc all individually. Instead, Zwift should allow each user 4-5 slots to save different bike builds: 1) time trial bike with aero wheels, 2) climbing frame with shallow rims, 3) Aero road frame for general riding, 4) Gravel frame, and 5) mountain bike.

If you have pre-saved complete bike builds, choosing what bike you want to use for each ride will be much easier and quicker when changing equipment.

Zwift, make this happen!

Been suggested a few times, just search the forums and vote up the existing requests.

Closing this one.