No rain and darkness, please!

I use Zwift for the days when it is cold, rainy and dark outside. That does not mean that you should replicate the same conditions in Zwift. I would like to come into an environment that is sunny and beautiful. It might be that some like rain and darkness. For them, it should be possible to opt-in. The default should be a sunny day.

Totally agree :+1:and the idee for that to opt-in i like it to


Interesting request, we’ve seen this mentioned before. I guess we should roll back the latest winter storm patch…

Kidding :stuck_out_tongue:


Was looking forward to the ‘blizzard patch.’ LOL


For me, more weather options :wink:. And we need more dirt and gravel roads on Zwift.


Over course of my 90 minutes group ride, we were hit by 2 rain squalls in a space of half an hour.

Honestly, its a realism feature but we are in Zwift for the ride dry roads and near perfect conditions. Can we do away with the incessant raining or limit the interval between each occurance?

No one really appreciates going through gloomy conditions when we are trying to lift our spirits cycling with friends.


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I admit that I’m one of those weirdos who likes the stormy weather. So I’d gladly opt in if that ended up being the option.

Yea, its not like its actually raining or lasts for very long. :slight_smile:

Totally agree—the advantage of riding indoors is that it’s never gloomy. I’m not a fan of the night scenes as well. At least let me attempt to fool myself that I’m out in the sunshine.

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I think it adds variety to have night and rain. Some of the scenery and night sky when you are out in the country is fantastic, with the stars above, at least on my computer running 4K. I love all the constant changes, keeps me interested and entertained.


I do agree, it is nice to see it change, it never rain for long.

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Definitely agree that the variation is great. I like riding in rain and storms when I don’t actually get physically wet and cold. Keep the weather!

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Upvoted. I find the dark/gloomy weather depressing and actually makes me want to quite my ride almost. At least give me the option to turn off this depressing setting please.

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I actually quite like it. But I suppose an option to disable it would be nice.

I run when it is too hot or smokey outside… love the darkness and the rain but it can be hard to see details if I have the blinds open.