Can we have sunny day time?

Hi I am new to Zwift and one part of it I am really hating is that every ride I do seems to be predominantly at night or in very dull dark conditions. Is there no option to have sunny weather throughout? It’s certainly what I prefer when I ride outdoors so goodness knows why any developer would try to emulate the exact opposite for indoor training. Has anyone found a way round this?

Welcome to the Forums, Nadine.
This is just a Hallowe’en thing. It will be back to normal on Monday (we can hope).


See: No rain and darkness, please!

Give it a vote.


I can fully understand this desire, Ole. Unfortunately, I think that the developers are quite proud of their night time (and wet weather) effects, so won’t renounce them without a fight. :man_shrugging: And it seems that the new Neokyo map, which we can expect to see arrive early November, is going to be night-time all the time. :neutral_face:

As for having perpetual night, along with thunder and lightning, for four or five days solid… it’s kind of weird. I feel for people like @Nadine_Ramsdale who have just joined and have this as their sole experience so far.
(Hallowe’en is apparently a HUGE thing in the US. It hardly exists out here, other than as an extension of the US cultural export.)


France and Paris are permanently bright sunshine, could always ride there.


Good point, Dave.
Of course, for a zwift beginner, they’d need to know how to get to those two, which are not standard options this weekend.

This page gives some tips: How to ride any Zwift course at any time using the <world> tag hack - Zwift Insider (but if using Apple TV, iPad OS, iOS or Android, creating a Meet-Up is the only way).


Good to know. Thanks. Those places rarely seemed to be available on the days I have ridden. That’s another frustration tbh as would like more options and not have it restricted!

Yeah it’s a long term complaint. For many years there was only one world to choose from, then it went to Watopia+guest, now there’s two guest worlds. The official line was always that HQ were concerned the less popular worlds would feel empty, but i think most people consider the platform is busy enough is at all times to justify having full choice.

Perhaps it’ll come in with the new user interface that was previewed a couple of weeks ago.

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You started that oct 2018!
There’s been a lot of rain since then.

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Yes. It has. The thing with these feature requests is that they are forgotten. There are usually some comments right after it is created and that is it.

This topic is very subjective and I understand both sides. People from sunny places will appreciate some rain to mix it up. People like me, who have more than enough rain, snow, and little daylight, appreciate having a sunny environment in Zwift.