Problem of visual accessibility

I would like to report a serious problem of visual accessibility of the Zwift application. Particularly when outdoors (typically on the balcony, where many zwifters use the app) night or dark (rain) scenarios make it impossible to see anything on the screen. And imagine why it could be possible to do races in these conditions…

Where do you get this assumption from, most people that I know that use Zwift use it indoors, however this is going to be down to the brightness setting of the device you are using to display Zwift, may I suggest that you try putting a shade over the screen or orientate it so that it doesn’t get direct sunlight on it

I’ll accept that we could do more for visual accessibility in Zwift, but you’re using Zwift in an environment that it’s not designed for (ie: it’s an indoor training app).

Wouldn’t it be much more confortable if I could DISABLE tha dark scenarios?

So it’s a matter of the word “indoor”?
During SUMMER indoor is impossible for the hot temperature. You are suggesting me to avoid using zwift during summer?

No, I’m suggesting that you shield your screen from the sun so you can see it properly.

Of course the screen is already protected from the SUN!
I’m in the shadow part of the house, I have 2 screen (a bigger 23" HP and the screen of my hp laptop) and i usually can see clearly enough. But not when the “night” comes to Watopia… When the night comes i can’t see anything.
All I’m looking for is a DAY-LIGHT forced scenarios… since the night scenarios makes my zwift unusable :frowning:

Yes and you are not alone in wanting this. France and Paris worlds are always sunny, so you should prefer those. Aside from shading your monitor, you might also consider the display technology. Depending on what you’re using now, you might get better results from an SVA panel.


This is my bike corner…

Honestly, if I had weather like that I won’t be on Zwift!

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Correct observation, Sam.
But if you have limited time and care about your safety (traffic in Italy is terrible and drivers are distracted by their smartphones, so I assure you that we cyclists risk our lives every time we go out), Zwift is truly a lifesaver.
Last but not least… the races on Zwift are truly exciting!!! :slight_smile:

Sono completamente d’accordo riguardo al tempo e al traffico. Vivo nel centro di Londra ed è troppo stressante andare in bici sulla strada a meno che non si abbia almeno mezza giornata libera.

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