Not get dark and rainy/ more sunny worlds

I don’t do indoor rides to ride in the rain and I don’t like cycling in ‘nightime London’ at 1 pm GMT. Can we get more warm and light weather please, and I wouldn’t say no to Mallorca or the Pyrenees…

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The France world on Zwift is always sunny, no rain!

The Neokyo area is always night time, never daytime.

I rather like the change of day to night in some of the worlds as it brings out new and different environments, such as the lanterns around Yumezi.

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I’m with you on Mallorca–never been there but have seen pics, would be great riding.

I do like the night/day changes most of the time, although I get it if you’re hoping for day and end up with night. But popping to a different world might fix that. I guess I don’t know if, when it’s night in one world, is it night in all the worlds (all the worlds that have the night/day shift)?

I will say that night on top of Alpe du Zwift, with the northern lights out–that’s pretty amazing. Lucked into that being my second ride on the platform. Really nice visuals.

It would be nice to be able to hit a key and shift between day and night. From the previous discussion…

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I think this is still the case: “Night lasts about 12 minutes, day lasts about 20-25 minutes, so a full cycle takes 30-40 minutes.”

So in about 30 min you get to see sunrise and sunset. Pretty Awesome.

I wish all worlds had day and night. I think it set Zwift apart from the competitors.


Do you know (I guess this would be easy to test)–for the worlds that do have a night/day cycle, is it night across all worlds at the same time and day at the same time, or is each world on its own cycle?

Maybe I’m a little biased since I live in the desert and we went without rain for 200+ days last year… but I kind of like Zwift rain! It breaks things up for me.
Though I guess if you’re in a place like the UK, more clouds probably don’t help.

P.S. I actually realized just the other day that I had never seen rain in France or Makuri. :exploding_head:-kind of moment… :smile:

Good point. This year, maybe the only rain a lot of people saw was in Zwift :frowning:

Here is another related feature request: No rain and darkness, please!
Opinions seem to be dependent on where you live. Lots of warmth and sun => Rain and night are OK, Cold, wet and little daylight in winter => We don’t need it in Zwift too - we use Zwift to escape that.

EDIT: It would be best if we could choose what we prefer.

I don’t think so, i can go through the under water tunnel in watopia and it is day at one end and night when I come out of the other side.

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