Rain in Zwift

Ok I’m sure this is old news to everyone else but it rained during my ride in Watopia today. Is this common? Did I imagine it or was did it require more effort during the rain? Are there Zwift weather reports? It’s pretty funny and inventive but I have to say I was surprised. Just tell me it doesn’t snow :slight_smile: :smiley:

I don’t think rain affects effort. For more rain, just ride in London. :slight_smile:

It does snow in certain places, like the Epic KOM.

Interestingly, it never rains (and the sun never moves) in France or Paris.


I don’t think is rains in the desert, fuego flats in Watopia either.

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Must have been my imagination on the effort - or maybe I was just tired. I haven’t done a ride in France or Paris yet so I haven’t seen that. I thought the sun never sets on the British Empire - not on France :rofl: :rofl:

Most of the routes tend to be dusk or dark when I ride which is typically late morning/early afternoon on the East Coast of the US. What is the official Zwift time zone?

On the worlds where the sun moves, I think a full day/night cycle is about 40 minutes (with more day than night). So, there isn’t a real time zone for Zwift.

Edit: Digging up an older post, night is 12 minutes long and day is 20-25 minutes long…

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Oddly enough, the sun never sets on France. Due to the nature of the French Republic there are bits of France spread all over the world.

See True Map of France: Republic On Which The Sun Never Sets – Brilliant Maps for more info

(one of my favourite pointless facts, along with the related factoid that France has the most time zones of any country in the world with 12 - and occasionally 13)

Ahh. I was wondering about Richmond. I only live about 1 1/2 hours away from Richmond and both times I’ve done a Richmond ride so far it’s been dusk in the game while it was actually fully day in real time. Sorry for the silly questions from a newbie. I find details like this interesting.

i realized this right after I posted. My daughter and I just went over that in Geography class a few weeks ago. I’m supposed to remember these things :slight_smile:

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I find it raining more in Watopia than London.

It does feel ironic if I’m on Zwift on a beautiful day, but can’t be bothered to go out in to the real world, and it starts raining in the virtual world. Kind of like a “it serves you right” moment.

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