Night Rides

(Troy Craig) #1

Are the lighting conditions on ZWIFT island linked to anything (i.e. time zones, etc.?) I was able to do a sunset ride around the actual sunset in my time zone, but when I rode again at 9pm my time, ZWIFT Island was back in regular daylight conditions. Am I missing a setting somewhere? Maybe adding a key that would change lighting conditions? Thanks!

(Kyle Polansky) #2

I think I remember reading somewhere that the day/night cycle changed every hour.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #3

They should be more front-loaded towards daylight now.

(Percy Zahl) #4

I remember some pictures with riders at night and some lights on the bike, at least there was a strong beam visible – never saw this in the actual game, is there any option to turn on your light or add a light if it’s dark out? Just curious.

(Vincent Beggs) #5

Couple things I have noticed about night riding / day night cycles.
The day night cycles seem to be different for different people. I recall watching someone’s live video stream on the island and it was night on his screen while day on mine. Also, the light beam seems to only be visible on higher end systems where the visual effects/lighting effects are more advanced, Someone posted screen shots a while ago showing Zwift on higher end / lower end systems and the light beam was one of the things that only showed up on the higher end systems.

(Northern Rider) #6

I agree with Percy. I would like to chose what the light is like. The other in the afternoon, light out side in the real world; yet, on the island I was in complete darkness. In some spots I could even see much! Very dangerous since I can’t see the potholes! :slight_smile: I would prefer to choose the light conditions. This will be more important in the winter when there is a lack of sun here in the north.

(Jerry Weiss) #7

More day please.  At least an hours worth (not including sunrise and sunset; which is night riding for me) would be good but more is better.