Night mode cycle longer after update?

Hello , I just did a 45 min training and I rode 100% in the dark on the new course in watopia ?
Is this normal ? I really hate riding in the dark so I was wondering whats the day / night cycle duration?

Am guessing it might be Hallowe’en related. Zwift loves doing things like that. I might be completely wrong, of course…

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From fan-viewing in Watopia and the two current guest worlds (Makuri, Scotland) just now, it’s apparently perma-night everywhere.
In Watopia, there are patches of jack-o-lanterns dotted around intersections and other high-traffic areas, so I’m pretty sure that this is indeed just for today. The sound track also seems to feature some ominous extras (subtly done)… but it’s been over a year since I even listened to Zwift audio (usually preferring music or podcasts), so I may be mistaking normal Zwift world sounds for something else. :thinking:

Compared to previous years, where it was perma-night for some days before Hallowe’en, along with lots of other additions including special rides and skins, this is quite restrained for Zwift. Personally, I find it just right (if the perma-night only lasts one day), but I’m probably not what anyone would call a fan of holidays.

Like the Radio Tower :smiley:

well there was no halloween decoration along my route … so this kindof make sense if its dark longer now :slight_smile:

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Aw what! I never saw a single jackolantern, now I’m sad :frowning:

I was all excited to see what they did this year too just to see nothing but night time.

Rode up Volcano, and the whole way down Tempus + the new road and saw nothing, so I presumed they did nothing; thanks for sharing some pictures Niku!

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It’s really out of keeping with Zwift’s usual m.o. to be so quiet about things, eh?
Searching on YouTube, I came across only one video, apparently taken yesterday, showing special skins on certain sections:

Compared to all the other footage available from previous years’ specials, it’s almost odd how low-key it all was.

I don’t recall there being any announcements before; at this point I’ve personally just come to expect something (ie: expect as little as forced night time which is what at least I saw).

I could be mistaken but I don’t recall any announcements or anything about the dino suits last year; and those just came on when riding with any of the pace partners.

I think two years ago there was an announcement though about the dino suits, and your ability to “unlock them” when riding with a pace partner, and that went on for a day or two? Where over the course of 1 hour you’d go from just feet and hands, to “pants” and eventually be wearing the whole suit. It was super funny to me seeing all the folks with just the feets and hands.

I also like riding in daylight or “golden hour” Docent like the night riding that much…its like DARK…it already dark inside, I dont need it on swift to…what about If u could choose. Sunrise ride. Dayride. Sunset ride…matched to the distance of the rout…