Time of day awareness

(Carol Bult) #1

It would be way cool if there was an option to have Zwift be aware of the time of day at one’s current riding location and adjust the light conditions of the course accordingly.

(Carol Bult) #2

I’m sure you are correct that we are all on a common “island time” when we log into Zwift and it would probably complicated to support both a default, common time of day and a personal choice time of day. But hey, dreams are free. One of the reasons I thought it would be cool is that I often start my rides when it is still dark out in the mornings and end after the sun comes up. I thought it would be fun if my virtual environment tracked that aspect of my actual real world environment.

(Shawn DeBoer) #3

I’m in the USA upper Midwest so winters are dark and long. Let me choose Zwift daylight every time please.

(Dan Jones *USMES*) #4

Let me choose day or night! When using a projector, night time looks too dark (though great on a computer screen.) For some reason, maybe it’s the time of day I ride, but I always seem to be riding at night.

(ben c) #5

+1. It’s a deal breaker for me: at the times I want to ride its always nighttime on the island - the graphics are too dark and makes it unattractive to start riding so I do a sufferfest trainer session instead with nice bright video. Nighttime should only be for an occasional change. 

(Thomas Tyberghein) #6