Setting to avoid night mode

It would really improve Zwift for me if there was some persistent setting that would allow me to run only in daylight mode. I’m in a basement cycling studio which is dark except for the projector light reflected off the screen, and night mode is just very dark and depressing. Other cycling applications that are based on real video are much, much, much brighter and more enjoyable from a visual standpoint, although of course they lack Zwift’s compelling feature of live cyclists riding around the course with you. The daytime mode rendering is also significantly more dim than playback of video taken in full sunlight. Maybe in addition to having a setting for time of day, there could be settings for brightness and gamma. It’s far too much like riding in a dungeon, whereas with competing applications it’s very immersive and I feel like I’m on a real ride.

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Do we know why Zwift cycles through day/night so fast?

In the early beta days i assumed it was becuase they wanted to test out the lighting and graphics effects but it seems to have persisted well beyond that time.

Personally I would like it to follow real time for my location (or have an option for that).  People racing in the evening might want daylight all the time.

It’s pretty normal for day/night to cycle more quickly in video games. Very few (if any) games follow a normal 24 hour cycle for various reasons (e.g. it would be out of step for most places, and means that some people might always be riding at night).  

In MMORPG games there might be enemies that only appear at night, or quests that can only be completed in moonlight. But those things don’t apply to Zwift so I think having an “always day” setting would be reasonable. 

Fully agree.  I’m just starting my ride; it’s cold outside in Chicago but very bright.  And then on Zwift it is night (even in Europe it’s day–it’s 8am in Chicago)?  Not sure why that is: perhaps Zwift can give only one light state for everyone logged in everywhere in the world?  Would be nice (if technologically possible) to let daylight status be dependent on time zone (or even individual settings)…


Funny: I just returned to Zwift and it is daylight?  Perhaps it starts at night and a few minutes after starting moves to day?