Let me override daylight/weather - it's dark up here!

I live in Norway and here the days are short and the weather cold during fall and winter. Let me override the time of day and weather that Zwift shows by default - just offer the option “Sun only”. Seeing the virtual sun as I Zwift would be REALLY nice.

Most of the times I Zwift I get a lot of darkness - while my husband, sitting next to me, get’s the daylight.

Much better for the global environment if I bath in virtual sun rather than hop on a plane to a sunnier country several times a winter.

Yes, i agree with Tone. Let as disable day/night cycle (simply on/off button in settings?), Short day and bad weather outside its depressing enough.


Definitely agree this should be a toggleable setting / option, just like sound and resistance.

I hear what you are saying. But, I live in Florida and want some rain and cloudy weather when I Zwift. The off/on button for weather would be cool though.

Hi Tone,
just out of interest…
are you saying that whilst you and your husband are Zwifting together
you are each experiencing different weather?
Are your Avatars riding side by side?
Cheers “Ride On”

Yes, our avatars are in the same course, but not exacatly side by side. I’m often a minute or two ahead. It’s the daylight that differs though. I get more darkness :frowning:

Hiya Tone,
thanks for the reply.
It sounds really strange, not what I’d expect.
Anyway, I’ve voted for your request and hope it goes well.
Cheers and “Ride On”

Autumn/winter of 2016 I had 3 to 4 hours pitch dark wet commutes every working day. Why wouldn’t ya want night and rain in the weekend on Zwift then? :man_shrugging: (Bangs head)

I would like 12 o clock sun, btw. No shadows. @Jon_Mayfield Pick the low hanging fruit, hides the graphics engine from the 90ies. :joy: