Real time in virtual world

Riding in London this Thursday morning at about 9-10am it was daylight outside (I’m in the UK) but dark with stars in the sky in Zwift. Could Zwift time tie with time IRL in London and Richmond?


I would prefer the Zwift time as it is now, because otherwise when I ride (which is usually a similar time of day) it will ALWAYS be the same time in London (or wherever).

BKool has that feature, and it while it at first seemed nice, it got annoying really fast because I was permanently in the dark for many parts of the globe unless I rode at really odd times for me in my time zone.

Having a Zwift time cycle lets us ride at night and day regardless of the real time of night or day where we are or where the “ride” is virtually taking place. That’s ideal.

It ain’t broke…