I don't like night mode

Usually if I get on the trainer it is because it’s wet or gloomy outside or because it is after dark. There is something about riding when it is sunny on Zwift Island that is much more uplifting than when it is dark. I know you need to do full testing but how about making the sun stay up longer.

Or about if it is selectable, pick day or night and perhaps even the duration of day/night.

Agree. It seems every time I ride it’s dark.

Plus, when using a projector, the night time mode is hard to see.

I so agree with you…they need to lose the night riding…

I started a feature request on this. I like the cycle of day/night. I just want more day and less night.

I’ve noticed it helps to think about “just keep going until one more sunrise” etc

I’m in agreement that I ride in the basement because it’s 15 degrees and icy outside or dark or both! I agree that seeing a sunny “virtualscape” is somewhat uplifting as well. I even get annoyed at the snow on the “mountain”…

+1. THIS IS A DEAL BREAKER ZWIFTERS. Whenever I want to start its night on the island. Really depressing. So I just do a sufferfest session instead - bright energizing video. Means I won’t come back at this stage :frowning:

Agree. The last few rides in the last couple of weeks have involved very dark surroundings, both Richmond and Watopia. It started during a workout but continued in normal/non-workout riding. It’s been so dark much/most of the time that nothing other than light sources (street lights, ferris wheel, stars etc.) is visible from more than a bike length away. It’s more inspiring to chase on when the next rider 10 meters up is not invisible except for the name “balloon.”

Before in darker conditions there were headlights and taillights as well. Now there are just very faint taillights.

Some day/night effect is okay, but I would never choose to ride in pitch black conditions. The virtual world is worth seeing.


EDIT: Maybe the Zwift 11/26 (v1.0.8743) update I got today fixes the too dark conditions I’ve had recently. I’m not riding today but I did fire up Zwift for a few meters after getting the update and Watopia was bright and sunny in a way I haven’t seen it for a while.