Get Rid of Weather

New subscriber since Dec 2018. Loving the experience, with two items of constructive feedback—first, please get rid of the simulated bad weather. We ride in a virtual world among other reasons to avoid depressing bad weather. Can’t we just have sunshine by day and moonlight at night? It serves no purpose but to, pardon the pun, put a dark cloud on the rides!

Second, loving the choice of two worlds every day, but the choices almost never include Richmond or Innsbruck. Can we get one of them added at least every other day?

My thoughts exactly. I’m very new too and it’s as if every single time I ride in Zwift it’s raining or at night. Surely even in real life there’s less rain/darkness compared to sunshine/daylight.

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Folks, do not you think there can be a lot of people riding indoor because of a hot sun?)


I do like the the different types of weather and day/night, I think it give Zwift a bit of a different feel. Watopia in the rain is a different world. I think it will get boring if the weather don’t change.


Agree with Gerrie. Sometimes, not seeing anything because you are in a blizzard becomes motivating to go out again!

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So we need the developers to create some code that sets the Zwift weather to be opposite to the riders real world conditions!!!


Hope everyone knows that the weather is not real. I for one could care less. I focus on on my output and not some computer generated eye candy.

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Would also like to have weather/night/day toggles

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Take my up-vote. The dark/gloomy weather that it adds sometimes is depressing!