More sunny rides

Like most users, the main reason I’m on Zwift is to train in the winter, when it’s too cold to ride outside, short days, rain, snow, etc. I really don’t like it when the ride turns to night, because it’s dark enough outside! I want to be on a sunny place, at least on my monitor. Am I the only one? Is there a way to disable night and bad weather?


Those things don’t bother me at all. I’m still dry and warm no matter the weather on Zwift. And it’s kind of a nice way to break up some of the monotony.

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Nigel, it is great that it doesn’t bother you. But it bothers me.


Sorry to hear that. My general point, though, is that if we took out everything that annoyed anyone there would be nothing left of Zwift. So, let’s concentrate on the stuff that is broken, instead of the stuff that you don’t like.


Your request has been around for years, gets some push back from other users, and hasn’t gotten much movement in Zwift.

Some examples:

" … if we took out everything that annoyed anyone there would be nothing left of Zwift"

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I guess Zwift is not served by having features that annoy many people. For me, the rain and darkness in Zwift is like “Why???”. I guess most riders don’t like to go out riding when it is dark or the weather is bad IRL, and ride indoors instead for that reason. Why would they have the same weather in Zwift? Where I live, we now have about 6 hours of daylight and it is raining and snowing. I want Zwift to be an escape from that. It is a psychological thing.


I think it would be fun to have the possibility to ride in the dark, only having lights on your bicycle. Just imagine just seeing the nearest riders in front of you, and the front/tail-lights of all other riders.
I don’t mind the rain, as I don’t remember it raining for long periods at a time, but I could remember it wrong. Sometimes it almost comes as a blessing, when I am sweating on my bike, I can almost feel the cooling drops.
But I can see your point. I don’t like to ride outside in the rain either.

They’re called “Settings”. It’s not one or the other, it’s letting the user choose how they would like to run Zwift. Most computer games have a “Settings” screen. Even Zwift has one. It wouldn’t be the end of the world if Zwift could add a couple more settings to that screen. In fact, I’m pretty sure it would make quite a few users happy if Zwift did add a few more settings.


Always midday in France/Paris.

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I am one of those that love the different weather patterns in Zwift it gives the game more detail. Also the rain :cloud_with_rain: and night is very short.


I’m sure a few more settings could be fun. But I still think there are a number of things that should be higher on the priority list for Zwift to make the user experience better.

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So, a “work pain effect” setting, ridiculous hats, glowing bikes, a cargo bike, and dinosaurs are reasonable, but riding in sunny weather to escape winter for a moment is too much to ask?


Tempus Fugit: Always sunny
Paris/France: Always sunny, always daylight

Just a couple of options.

And while I agree that the things in your list don’t all appeal to me, they are also all ‘sunk costs’ at this point, so my feeling is that the developers should still focus on the broken stuff, instead of the ‘nice to have’ stuff. Not that they will do even that (more ridiculous hats is probably more likely), but IMO that is where the effort should be spent.


Great! Thanks Nigel!

Hi Ricardo,
I ride mostly the Desert routes, I never see any rain there. Would that be an option for you? There are three routes Tick Tock, Tempus Fugit and Sand and Sequoias, maybe give them a try.
“Ride On”


Great! Thank you, Troy!

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As said by others here, more options to personalize the experience is the way to go. We are all different, and it does not make sense that we should agree on rain or not rain. It should be an option. Toggling features on or off in the code should be fairly easy to implement if they have written the code well.

I enjoy looking for the perks… the warrior baseball fury in New York, the Battersea power plant in London (Pink Floyd Animals) and the change constellations at night.

Absolutely agree. There’s a storm outside, it’s really windy and chucking it down with rain. I’d like to escape from that reality and dream of warm sunny days. I thought how do I change the in game weather as it turned to night and thunder and lightning!!!