I use Zwift when the real world has bad weather.  I don’t want a simulation of a rainy day.

A configuration setting to disable rain or snowy weather.


I logged in the other day seeing rain in Watopia for the first time!!

Fantastic, it looks great and adds another dimension of realism, excellent.

I agree with Tony - I train in Zwift to avoid the Rain outside - thats what utopia is all about right - no cars, no one trying to kill you and sun shine every day. Would be cool to turn off



Living near the Great Lakes where it’s cloudy and rainy October-April, I only want Daylight and clear sky’s on Zwift.

Last night after getting ready to ride, I logged into Zwift and found it raining in London:( That ended my ride before it started. Now I need to check the weather on ZWift before getting dressed to ride. I’m not going to ride in the rain.

I get it that the desert folks might enjoy some rain, but others need nothing but great weather.

Please, please please, give us some control of the weather and day/night.


Seriously, this is a problem?

Not asking to get rid of the rain, just like to have an option in settings to have nice weather.  It’s not a problem, since the user’s are paying for the ride and he/she can select the kit they wear and the bike they ride, having the option to select the weather would seem appropriate. 

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Many people turn to Zwift when the warmer seasons are coming to an end, acknowledging the season is coming to an end is depressing enough.  To open Zwift and be met by rain and grey skies is an uncalled for kick in the ribs.

Zwift should be an escape, whoever though adding rain to a virtual ride is insane.  

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Yes, please get rid of the rain, we can go outside for that; or at least give us the ability to turn it off.

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I agree – most of us are using Zwift when the weather is a mess outside. Who wants their virtual reality to be dull and grey and depressing too? It’s a stupid addition that I want to see gone. And I also agree that if they want to keep the rain, then they should allow us an option to turn off if we want.

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I understand why Zwift has rain, sometimes a bit too much on your London ride. Yes, I get it, rains there quite a bit. However, Watopia is fictional, and I ride Zwift when I cannot ride outside and absolutely never ride in the rain or snow. Please consider removing the rain from Watopia for my perfect fantasy island bike ride. I do not enjoy inclement weather, real or fictional.

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Way too much rain in Watopia.  Rain in London, almost tolerable.  

I wholeheartedly agree. Zwift turn off the rain already, it’s annoying!

There is already a request thread for this. Posting in each and every one doesn’t help.