Dark skies, night effects, snow, rain and more. I will simply ride on a sunny day. And somewhere close to the reality. It would be a simple option. Sun always ON/OFF. It’s not insane as demand. 

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I fully agree. Especially about the wheather. If i wanted to ride in the rain, i Could train outside and not in Zwift. 

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I barely notice the weather and especially not in races.  That said it’s not a distraction.  

As for the different areas on Watopia I think it’s great.  How boring to ride around the same style of landscape.  

Besides London and Richmond are about as true to real life as you can get it.

Dude I was with you and about to upvote until you started on the anger session. So have a downvote instead.

It is just amazing to notice that virtual cyclists here on Zwift love the rain, the snow, whales and dolphins as well as riding into volcano mist. Just as in real life. I do propably not live in the same world. Gratulations to all downvoters. 

I did think when riding; why snow and rain? I find it is something else to stop my mind from thinking about worldly things, which is good. I want to ride to get away from daily life and the rain, snow, large groups going past, chasing down a rider up front and the hard hilly bits all add to this. I love it. Well done Zwift team. I can only get better. Please do not consider potholes though.