London Weather

(Ian Jones) #1

Hi Zwift,

I’m based in the UK and generally log onto Zwift during the winter months because of the weather… like most folks I guess.

However, when ever I ride the London map it always rains, honestly I don’t reminding that the UK weather is rubbish… I look out the window its wet I log on to Zwift and it virtually wet:-( Could you develop a way of adjusting the weather for UK folks so it doesn’t or at least less often? Also I usually get just about every variety of rain i.e. thunder storms, lightening, biblical flooding.

Anyway, just an idea to cheer u the UK folks.


(Jake Siney) #2

It’s actually a myth that it rains a lot in London.

(Jason K) #3

Moving to Feature Request forum.

(Hedley Phillips (SCOTLAND)) #4

I’ve thought this as well. Would be nice to see less rain when riding the London courses.

And I’m in Scotland where it’s also a myth that it rains a lot. No really. cough.

(David Griscom YCW) #5

I thought the rain in London was  there for us Yanks to experience some London riding ambiance!  Maybe I am in the minority but the rain doesn’t bother me a bit.  Maybe you guys are running Zwift on a higher realism setting than me because I’m staying dry regardless of what’s happening on Zwift

(Robin Grant) #6

I live in London and 100% percent agree with Ian!!!

(Mark Gardner WBR) #7

I am never dry when riding on Zwift, usually wetter than outside in the rain!! Sorry too much information. Virtual rain is a bit depressing when we have all too much of the real thing in the winter. Sunrise in Watopia always lifts the spirits.

Are rain segment times slower???

(Donald Fast) #8

Living on the wet coast of Canada, i would appreciate seeing the sun.

I use the world tag to avoid London – only because of the rain.

(Jason K) #9

Just in case anyone missed the update note: it rains less on London now. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback!

(Donald Fast) #10

How much less?    Is it still more than Watopia ?