Virtual rain

Why is it. always raining in london ? …its soo annoying! And not necessary , if I wanted to ride in the rain I would! What is the point of an indoor trainer?

Add in what’s the deal with the MASSIVE virtual dust/dirt going down the jungle route headed to the coast? If you have a big group its almost impossible to see anything in the group and very easy to get dropped if you are a light rider.

Yes, I forgot about the the dust, although I don’t race, its still a nuisance, you wonder what is the point? Does it help your virtual experience? NO quite the reverse. Also I don’t like the glass fly-overs , I find them off putting as well.
BUT on the whole Zwift is great and I guess they can’t please everyone all the time…, just my personal take.

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I love the weather; I wish there was more weather; snow for example.

France doesn’t even have a nighttime…

Cloudy days and sunny days?

I will take it all! I get some folks want the option to disable rain; but that shouldn’t come at the cost of everyone losing it. There are folks out there like me that enjoy the weather effects and only want more of them; and the half baked attempt at some in only two? worlds is … sad.


I was expressing my personal opinion m8 ok?
If I wanted to ride in the rain/ dust/ etc I would go out…. Half baked…… sad who exactly ru referring to?

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Looks to me like he’s referring to the “half-baked attempt at some weather effects in only two worlds” as sad. And it looks like he was expressing his personal opinion too :person_shrugging:

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It doesn’t rain half enough for somewhere meant to be the UK. Trust me.

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So u want more rain?….I live 30 miles from london mate so I don’t want “virtual “ rain on my screen when I have an indoor trainer to get away from it . In any case it doesn’t rain every day in london’ but seems to on the london zwift courses.

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I like the rain, it make London feel like a new map when it rain, I would like more thunder.

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Bully 4 u then.

So are other people not allowed to express their opinions, or…?


I was only joking! didn’t mean anything by it.

I am Welsh - we do proper rain here!

FWIW - i don’t mind the rain but really hate the shiny roads it brings with the unnatural shine that stays just ahead of you the whole time. So would be pleased by less rain.

Sorry m8 mot with u … nowhere have I suggested no- one cannot express their opinion.
What has your input to do with my topic?

They got really shiny in one of the more recent updates when they updated Watopia, it’s definitely a bit strong for the most part. I wonder how much control they have over it; aka, when it thunderstorms, be as reflective as it is right now, if it’s a normal rain, be half of what it is.

I just wish weather effects were more common throughout Zwift, it’s a really broken apart feature.

Watopia has rain / thunderstorms
London sometimes has rain (maybe thunderstorms?)

Bologna - nothing & no night time (correct me if wrong, but I don’t recall)
Crit City - nothing
France - nothing & no night time
Innsbruck - nothing
London - rain (maybe thunderstorms)
Makuri - nothing
New York - nothing
Paris - nothing & no night time
Richmond - nothing
Scotland - nothing
Watopia - rare rain, yes thunderstorms (very rare)
Yorkshire - nothing

It’s a very strange “broken” (as in not game-wide), feature.

I do however still think cloudy “days” deserve a place though. Personally I imagine it would make time go by faster where you start to yearn for clear days (and continue to ride until you get a clear day).

I know that last line might sound weird to some; but I believe I mentally track the day/night cycle on rides where there are day/night cycles.

I do 100k rides on Saturdays with a group, and whenever we end up in say France, the rides seem infinitely longer, and I’m under the impression that’s due to the lack of a night cycle.

I’m just noticing that you’re getting pretty dismissive of other people expressing differing opinions. Generally, if someone offers a difference of opinion and the reply is “Bully 4 u”, I at least consider that dismissive. Notice for example that no one responded to your initial post claiming you don’t like the rain with “good for you”. They engaged in conversation. Or they tried to, but you dismissed them.


There’ve been a few posts on this such as this one from 2018:
No rain and darkness, please! - Feature Requests - Zwift Forums

So you’re not alone. I also know there was enough feedback that one of the competing platforms enabled a ‘no rain’ setting - very blind melon of them.

If that setting existed I think I would leave it with rain enabled as I do like a bit of variety - would also like more lightning at times etc., but I can see where people are coming from.


(Do they offer bumblebee kit for their avatars?)

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All I can say is the avatars are pretty plain.

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I wasn’t asking peoples opinion on the virtual weather, if u read my initial post I said that Zwift can’t please everyone, and that it was otherwise a great platform.
I wanted to know the reason for seemingly pointless virtual weather conditions on an indoor situation.
I wasn’t interested in ping pong posts with people about their preferences.
I since have had some posts related to my thread.
It seems you have taken exception for some reason, to my replies to the above mentioned people to which there was clearly no useful discussion forthcoming, and joined the thread with no other purpose than make critical comments which had nothing to do with you.
Thank you for your useful contribution to my topic tho much appreciated…… and calm down Tom go for a bike ride!

Good for you.