Zwift weather

Look, yes I’m in a bad mood after a stressful day and this probably belongs in the FB Zwift Venting Area instead of here but it’s a beautiful blue bird day outside and here I am paying $16/month to ride in my basement instead of outside like a normal cyclist. Tonight it’s grey, miserable and raining on my screen!

Zwift folks: a lot about the Zwift game rejects realism, why start to accept the realities of life by having it pissing during my trainer session? Just give me some sun!!! Or let me toggle a setting to say it’s always sunny. Please and thank you.

Alway sunny on Tempus Fugit and Sand and Sequoias. :crazy_face:


I just wish it rained in the volcano. So hot!

Bring on the wind, using direction and speed from real world data on or close to the route, affecting rider speed according to rider and bike physics data.

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I’m cool with that. Just live the depressing weather to wreck my mental status Irl when I’m not being over stimulated with blue light. :joy:

If you want guaranteed sun, then France, Paris and Yumezi are your friends.


No rain and darkness, please!

Please vote!

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Voted for it long ago! But thanks for sharing to keep it relevant.

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I swear, whenever it rains at my place, I’ll hop on Zwift for some sun. Guess what? ITS RAINING!

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I thought it was quite cool that london has realistic british weather! :rofl:


It might be a LITTLE to realistic. :joy:

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Personally, I like the weather change. Provides some distraction and places look different.


Counterpoint to OP: I live in a dry, wildfire-prone area. It gives everyone a little peace of mind when it rains here. Avoiding the weather isn’t (usually) the reason I’m on Zwift anyway, I’ll ride in most conditions.