Workouts let Zwift pick world / route

Would like to have Zwift pick a route based on my workout.

As opposed to you having the freedom of choice?

If you are doing a workout with ERG it doesn’t really matter on the course.

What benefit do you feel you would get by Zwift picking your route?

To clarify the purpose: Is the idea that you would like Zwift to pick a route that is about as long as your workout would take you so you’d finish the route fully during the workout? Or is it so you’d get a route that somewhat mimicked the intervals in the workout itself? Or is it more like you’d like a ‘route based workout’ which would prompt for more intensity on hills and sprint segments during a route etc?

Well I always pick my routes which fit best to my workouts, this was especially true when I didnt have all route badges. I still do this today, because I like to also finish a route when I finish my workout.
Iit is just a convenience thing. But then again, I pick Road to Sky for all workouts around 75minutes anyway :smiley: