Noob workout question

(. Scotty II) #1

When riding in an individual workout, the route is pre-determined. My question is, can I change my route during a workout using the turn arrows? And would doing this affect the workout. I realize workouts use ERG mode and any climbs or descents would not affect the required specified power?
Thanks in advance

(Stuart Middlecoate) #2

The route isn’t pre-determined unless you are on a workout event.  Feel free to change route without it affecting your workout.

(Joe Daknis) #3

To add to what Stuart said… 

When you first select your workout in the main menu, you can also select from the list of routes for whichever course is running that day.  If you don’t select a new route (or the ‘Surprise Me!’ option), Zwift defaults to the last-loaded route that you rode.  This is true whether you select a workout or ‘just ride’. 

If you get tired of the route you are on during your workout, you can manually deviate from it at any time using the turn arrow buttons on the screen (or the arrow keys on your keyboard) w/o affecting your workout at all.

What you *can’t do* (afaik) is select a completely new route mid-ride. You have to end your current ride & re-start Zwift.   

(. Scotty II) #4

Thanks for the info
Much appreciated
I’ll try it out later today

(Gerrie Delport) #5

This can also help:

(Steven D) #6

Hi e511 keV,

The workouts will not be affected by any route you select in Zwift. 

Training workouts operate outside the normal rules of SIM mode, specifically as they apply to climbs and descents. So, while you’re doing a workout, you can ride any available route and it won’t change or impact the results of your workout.

NOTE: choosing one route over another might affect your enjoyment of the game, as members of the community have deemed some routes to be “cooler” or “more awesome” than others. I like Watopia’s Volcano routes personally, and find them most enjoyable. 

Ride On!

(. Scotty II) #7


Thank you for the info. My workout rides are more enjoyable now that I know I can alter routes and maintain the workout requirements. Awesome Zwift community here.

Take Care and RIDE ON